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katrina on weddings

Since my sister and I were little, we have always had a fascination with all things matrimonial. We would buy bride magazines and flip through, marking or tearing out the things we liked, saving them until eventually we would need them.  We took  “every little girl’s dream” to a whole new level of obsession.  Now with my friends starting to get serious and even engaged (Congrats Jackie!!), weddings have become the perfect premise for my guest posts.  And I promise that I will try to post once a week.

Your hair deserves jewelry too…

With the spring having arrived sunny and beautifully in Austin,  out have come the capris, and vibrant tops. My spring accessories have come back into full swing, especially my large flowered headbands. I love headbands and can’t imagine what I would do with out him, since I have the least tamable hair known to man. But, while putting on my favorite spring-esque headband, it got me thinking:  to veil or not to veil, that is the question. Though I know many prefer the traditional veil or a flower tucked into an updo, I can only imagine that I will be faithful to my adoration of headbands when it’s my turn. La Boheme and have beautiful options, but my favorite way to find the perfect accessory is by digging around the Etsy shops to see what I can find. Here are some of my current favorites that I could easily picture moseying down the aisle in (and maybe even a veil or two):

  1. How wonderful could this piece be for your something blue! With the rhinestones and antique feel, I adore it!
  2. The simple elegance of this headband is what caught my eye. I could easily a 20s or 40s themed wedding where this clean elegance polished off the bride’s look.
  3. These two I love for the floral feel which I have been loving all week as a side affect of too much beautiful sunny weather here in Austin. Especially if you need some color in your piece.

  4. Now if you insist on a veil, I love the birdcage veil with a great hair piece for it to be connected  like this one with views from back and front:

  5. For the more traditional, Erica Koesles veils all have their own unique touches (her pins and combs are also pretty great) and you can find one in any imaginable length like this one. The triple edging gives it the indie feel I love.
  6. The last is specially just for Chelsea and anyone else who might love bling to the extreme…she adores sparkly.


  1. Tallulah
  2. 1920′s look sash headband with pearls
  3. English Garden sash or headband
    Flora Headband
  4. Jane Birdcage Veil
  5. Circle Folded Veil
  6. Rhinestone Headband
Katrina Stephens
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Katrina Stephens is a guest author and full time sister, writing a weekly feature about weddings. She is currently pursuing her bachelors at St. Edwards University.

color swatch

I thought my obsession with the sea-foam green and coral pink/red was relatively recent and inspired by the spring, but as I went through my closet looking for the combo I discovered a cornucopia of the two.  I just love the fresh feeling the colors have, the urge they give me to hop in the car and head for the nearest beach.
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knotty girl

Can’t get enough…
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flickr inspiration

I stumbled across one of Meg Kroeker’s photographs on Oh Joy, followed the link, and am in love with her photos.  I honestly do not know much about her except that she uses 35 mm film and a Nikon F3, creates beautiful compositions, and is such a creative inspiration.  She says that her photographs “will be colorful and if I am lucky, interesting or charming. Babies, food, family, the color red, Europe, friends, people in love, weddings, and people laughing with craned necks are my favorite things to shoot.” Enjoy!

“Birds Emerge

“Jeanette and Jordan”

“A Very Important Tree”

“J and Lo Laughing”

“Night Riding”

“Prettiest Baby”

simply lovely

I have unpacked my apartment (yay!) but I have yet to decorate it.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to put in it.  I have several framed photographs, pretty prints and a crazy amount of knickknacks and tiny boxes.  The issue is that  I am a terrible decision maker and can’t commit easily to putting nails in the walls.  I am waiting for my mom’s visit and her expert eye (photos of her house soon to come!) to spread the love. In the meantime I am looking around for both inspiration and some great buys.  After seeing these prints on Oh Joy, the Neo Traditionalist, and countless other blogs I too have fallen head over heels for them.  These photographs are by Abby Try Again and are so beautiful and soft.  I am personally craving the pie picture. Check out Abby’s blog for her musings and even more gorgeous photos.  And, if you have any other suggestions for home decor (prints, wall decor, stools or rugs all still needed in my new home!) please leave me a comment!

oh, sparkles!

Guess what just arrived in the mail! My new nail polish, Happy Birthday, by celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann.  I am absolutely loving it and can’t wait to try her other two glitter polishes, Ruby Red and Superstar.

Happy Birthday

Ruby Red


fabulous people

Say no to ho!  While unpacking today I stumbled across one of my favorite books written by the  eclectic and extraordinary creative director of Barney’s New York, Simon Doonan.  Eccentric Glamour is a book about “creating an insanely more fabulous you.”  More than a how-to-dress guide, Eccentric Glamour is a witty and charming chronicle of Simon’s personal fashion adventures, interviews of glamorous eccentrics about their personal style (including Tilda Swinton, Isabel Toledo, and Kelly Wearstler), and some of the all around best advice that leads to just feeling fabulous.

“why the hell wouldn’t you want to be one of the fabulous people, the life enhancers, the people who look interesting and smell luscious and who dare to be gorgeously more fascinating than their neighbors?”

Doonan creates several categories in order to give oneself a framework for creating your personal style- the gypsy, the existentialist and the socialite. While these overlap and have sub categories I find myself snuggled into the gypsy category!  Where do you find youself?

ladies who lunch

A new friend and I decided to do lunch today, which I was so grateful for!  It helped pull me out of my “new to Houston” funk.  She is expecting, which is of obviously thrilling, but gives me a glorious excuse to scour baby stores as well.  After lunch we looked at the Lambie bedding set she is thinking about at Pottery Barn Kids and also stopped into Janie and Jack, where I immediately lost my mind and wanted to buy everything!  My favorite item was also probably the most girlie item in the store, the pink tulle swimsuit! Here is that little gem of perfection!

Tulle One-Piece Swimsuit

After lunch I decided to do some more exploring around Houston.  I happened into a little gift shop called Impromptu which had a great selection of stationary and a small but impressive collection of vintage jewels!  The owner and her son were there and they were just delightful.  AND, they actually told me I changed their mind about people from Dallas (in a good way).  I loved the space dedicated to journals, which I never seem to get enough of.  When I got back to the apartment I researched my favorite discovery, a journal by Girl of All Work, only to find that this wonderful designer has recently been featured in Lucky and InStyle and you can find her online.  She makes great journals, magnets, pushpins, address books and more!

Curious Hedgehog Journal

Ona Collection

Teapot Journals

Ladies' Address Book

Blue/Sunny Days Journal (Two Sided!)

have your cake

As I hustled up the stairs at Tripp’s school my last week of work I stumbled upon the most beautiful gallery of amateur art.  And I mean amateur.  These scrumptious pictures, created using oil pastels and construction paper, were made by the 1st graders at The Kessler School.  I would love a series of them above my kitchen table.  The colors are gorgeous, the cakes look delicious, and I love how the perspective is a little surreal.  The photos were taken on my phone with a two year old in one arm and a five year old tugging on my other hand, so please forgive the quality.  I hope they simply brighten your day as they did mine.  Delightful!