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silver lining

Usually my sis writes “Barefoot at the Altar” on Wednesdays, but she is in the middle of finals, so today I am going try and fill her shoes! I stumbled across this little gem of a wedding dress by Lanvin on Net- A -Porter.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  The price is a little steep for me, but a girl can (and will) dream.  I love the sheer detailing on the straps and the whimsical flowers. *sigh*
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rainbow bright

Just a bit of happiness in the form of rainbow accessories!
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take a bite

I need a new watch! And by new, I mean, I need a watch. I love my job, but there are no clocks and sometimes a girl just needs to know the time (when it is 10:30 pm and she is re-stocking the floor and wants to get out on-time) I want a edgy but classic watch that will be extremely versatile and desperately need ideas for said watch. On my hunt, though, I fell in love with these candy-colored treats. Here is a little sampling. AND I would love ideas for a really great watch as previously described, so please leave suggestions.
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parrot love

I was just flipping through an old Vogue and have fallen back in love with Julianne Moore’s ad campaign for Bulgari.
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lovely links: 4.10.10

This weeks fabulous reads:

  • I am usually more of a pink girl, but Jane has reminded me of the happiness that red brings! Not to mention that adorable pup is practically an exact replica of my Dixie.
  • The photo shoot featured on Once Wed is spectacular.  I am in love with the photos by Shelley Kroeger and the dress with the swiss dots- swoon.
  • I am endlessly amused by the tales of Joslyn’s little girls over at Simple Lovely, and I can just picture her daughter Audrey and the BUG! Such an adorable tale and it makes me wish for a garden of my own.
  • Over on Old Sweet Song, Amy was on a fabulous treasure hunt…finally some fashion for the us curvy girls.
  • David and I dream of picking up and moving to someplace that we have always dreamed of living…which is why I loved the post about the Huffman’s moving West.
  • Lastly, April showers bring May flowers…here are some great selections from A Lovely Being. I L-O-V-E number two. Which is your favorite?

*Top photo from Moi

the modern bohemian: braids

While it is easy to achieve boho-chic hair (whether curly or straight, mess it up a little and add something intriguing), braids have been all the rage and luckily they don’t seem to be going anywhere.  It is important for these braids to be a little messy and free.  These braids shouldn’t be plastered down or have straight parts. Here are some inspiring styles and a how-to!
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THE lucite purse

I was just perusing ebay, searching “Lucite” and I discovered this fabulous purse! It is vintage Florida Handbags, made from carved rhombus clear Lucite. It has four precious feet on the bottom and measures 10.25 x 9.25.  The bidding lasts until May 3, so you should definitely check it out at Ink Frog’s ebay page.
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the wild side!

My love of Liberty of London never ends.  I just came across this sampling at Lox Papers.  Jane always puts her findings together in such a beautiful and inspiring way.  I am so ready for my sewing lesson next week so that eventually I’ll be at the point where I can order Liberty’s fabrics and fashion beautiful creations!

lovely links: 4.3.10

Here it is friends, this weeks wrap-up of some of the blogosphere’s most delicious morsels!!! Grab a cup of joe and settle in to enjoy.

  • Danni did a lovely collection of forts on Oh, Hello, Friend.  The pictures are so dreamy and sweet.  Her “collections” are always so thoughtful.  I definitely have made my share of forts working as a nanny and loved seeing this bunch.
  • It has been so fun following Kate who is picking out her wedding dress on The NEO-traditionalist.  She held a poll to gather her reader’s thoughts on the perfect frock and has been following up with her decision.  Head over to the blog to find out about her J.crew pick and to suggest honeymoon destinations and accessory options.
  • Now, I have to say this post for me was the most moving of the week.  Doldrums somehow summed up my own feelings perfectly.  My blog is recently new, but I have been feeling that by presenting all of these things that delight and inspire me, I have been projecting this bizarre constantly cheery atmosphere.  Ill Seen Ill Said felt the same and admitted to a state of depression at times.  This was a heartfelt and moving post. A must read.
  • Over on Everyday Musings, Olivia is hosting a giveaway for *Shey* [B] camera strap slipcovers.  I had noticed them before on her sponsor highlights and have been drooling over them ever since.  As an aspiring shutterbug I can picture nothing cuter than strutting around with one of these lovely slipcovers livening up my camera.
  • It was a great week on Oh Joy! I would definitely check out Tuesday’s “This & That” but what really made me smile was the gorgeous flowers collected fresh from the flower market and photographed for “riding off into the sunset.”
  • I LOVE PINK!  So I couldn’t be more delighted with Mrs. Lilien‘s Think Pink post.  I am especially fond of the darling earrings…I’ll leave you with the picture.  Have a beautiful Saturday (hopefully filled with pink).

*Header photograph by me!

the modern bohemian: textiles

I was recently asked in an interview to define my style, and on a good day I would say I strive for some modified version of boho-chic.  In the winter I inevitably find myself a little more posh, a little more Jackie…but in the summer the gypsy in me comes out and I rock the boho look, bangles and all.  Honestly as I sit here writing this I am more hobo than boho in sweats and flip-flops, but I am sitting outside in the lovely breeze, which I find very bohemian indeed.  So, this is the first in an installment exploring the bohemian style and to start we are going to look at textiles (don’t worry- full interiors will be coming soon!).

defining bohemian interior style

Some snippets I borrowed attempting to define bohemian-modern in terms of interiors and textiles:

[pullquote type="3"]light-filled modern homes with… hippie interiors brimming with texture, color, a connection to the outdoors, and quirkiness. – Designer’s Library[/pullquote]

[pullquote type="3"](a) love with the imperfections of a block print, the saturated colors, and the true artistry and dedication. –Rikshaw Design[/pullquote]

[pullquote type="3"]To me Bohemian style is all about an artistic, nature inspired and well traveled look. It’s easy to achieve in most spaces because it’s all about layering. The keys to this look are bright warm colors, primitive materials and romantic details. –Jason Martin Design[/pullquote]

[pullquote type="3"]…an updated spin on the exotic, handmade object; a vibrant mix of sophistication and romantic allure. – John Robshaw[/pullquote]

achieving the bohemian look in textiles

First a sampling from John Robshaw Textiles, a staple for boho-chic linens (I find the pillows exceptionally fabulous)

achieving the bohemian look in bedding

Here are some of the fabulous quilts and bedspreads from Ouno. They are made from collected vintage scarves and the company strives to operate in a eco-friendly, sustainable way.

achieving the bohemian look in rugs

And now for the floor…First two beauties from Anthropologie
…and two from ABC Carpet & Home

So, I think I could go on forever showcasing beautiful textiles that encompass the boho-chic vibe, but this was a good start.  Looking for bohemian pieces means traveling the world in any way you can…via internet or plane.  It means searching out bold patterns and COLOR! It means using age-old processes and timeless prints.  Go BOHO!