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for my francophile friends

While reading one of my favorite blogs, A Lovely Being, I found Bardot in Blue. My friends, you will love her.  Well, honestly, you will want to hate her- she is living the life, studying in Paris and traveling around France- but she is just too adorable and the photos are too gorgeous.  Here is a little taste, but I highly recommend checking out this fantastic blog!
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the circus is back in town!

The Circo de Bango ring at Old Gold Boutique is back in stock! I love the turquoise and the big top. So adorable.

From Old Gold I also love…
Sex on the Beach


And Stumped

lovely links: 5.1.10

  • Jen. Lancaster. is. hysterical. I have read most of her books and am now following her blog. This account of her suspected pickpocketing/stalking is so funny. PS- love her fantasy dinner party list.
  • Bohemian Season started a chick flick list, which is just fabulous.
  • Um. This looks delicious. Another home run from Everyday Musings.
  • My goal is to make a little collage like this one from Old Sweet Song, I think it could help me pull together the living room.
  • Having loved the Ice Bar in Stockholm, I think this might be my bliss as well.
  • Beautiful, delicious, and PINK! These macaroons surely taste as stunning as they look. Cannelle et Vanille never disappoints.