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good dogs gone wild

Don’t worry.  I promise they are secured in.

lovely links: 7.29.11

I hope you fabulous people have had a fabulous week!  It sure was an inspiring week on the inter-web. Take a looksie:

  • A Piece of Toast has me hooked on Diary of the Coveteur.  That top photo is from said diary- and the heading says “F**k the leash, this dog gets walked on a Chanel bag.”
  • Ok San Fran girls, be ready to take me to this shop when I visit.  That means you, Mary!
  • This skirt on Keiko Lynn is the perfect color!
  • I love Makenzi’s story about her mother and the orange bed. Oh, and the lovely pictures she shared.
  • Rad paint chip art DIY from How About Orange. Inexpensive and easy. Perfect.
  • This is amazing! Amy transformed a trolley depot into a gorgeous home…I’m not kidding.  Here is a sneak peak from the feature on Design Sponge:

new Rue!

Take a look at this fabulous home of Luciano Cavalcanti in the newest issue of Rue.  I love the dark plank flooring and the light flooding the space.  I highly recommend taking a little trip over to Rue for a great read- the issue is largely travel inspired, though, so don’t blame me for a severe case of wanderlust.
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my rug is famous

La la la, my rug is famous!  Issue 7 of Matchbook magazine is live and I spotted my living room rug from Anthropologie in an imaginative spread of  “Frida Khalo, reimagined for a new age.”  I love this rug, the colors in it inspired my entire living room- which I will present to you shortly.  Hint, it is coral. Really, seriously coral.  Anyways, here is the page from Matchbook as well as my dogs modeling the rug.
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wish list

First of all I wish I was back in Maui, where we took these photos last fall.
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glam hand

I. Love. Neon.  Many trends should be left in the past, but bringing back neon is too rad.  I love mixing it with neutrals, but this post is all about painting your nails neon and accessorizing with chunky turquoise jewelry.  The fine ladies at Free People seem to be rockin’ this look like woah. Haha, but seriously, I keep coming across great neon nails on their Instagram WITH said turquoise jewelry.
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strange planet animals

Ok, stay with me here.  I love Etsy.  The level of creativity never ceases to amaze me.  These figurines from The Good Machinery are a little different, but I think they are so fun.  I can see a neon elephant arranged on a mantle with some milk glass vases.  I would love to know what you think about these.  Are these pieces too out there for you or can you see them in your home?
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a little RL inspiration

I might have been an Oprah viewer, and yes I might have been teary as the final episodes counted down. Stop- I feel you judging me.  Anyways, one of the delightful final episodes was a tour of Ralph Lauren’s ranch in Colorado. The Double RL ranch was such a delight. I was immensely inspired.  The classic film True Grit was filmed on the ranch that Ralph Lauren and his family have lived on since the 1980s.  I immediately wanted an invite- I would even volunteer to stay in one of those teepees.
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a few of my favorite things

I am sure that over time you will role your eyes when you open buckets and bunches and see yet another post about my favorite color combination, pink and grey, but for today I hope you enjoy this lovely Rag and Bone Devon striped Tencel Sweater.
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lucky girl

Just a little treat for a girl who might have an impulse control problem!

Sunday night impulse shopping spurred on by Kultur.  Did you do any shopping over the weekend?

lovely links: 7.22.11

This week I enjoyed the blogging world in an entirely new way- on my new iPad.  I have really only been using it to Stumble and read blogs. Oh, and facetime with David and my dad! (do you guys use StumbleUpon? I love that you can share your findings on the web so easily- and it knows my obsession with wedding blogs and finds me new ones)  So if you know of a fabulous iPad app, please do share.  So here are some of my faves this week from around the web.

  • Learn how to style the perfect beehive over at A Beautiful Mess.  I now know what I have been missing- a loofa!
  • Arm Party love over on the Bicyclette.  I am inspired to do my own little arm party series.
  • Speaking of The Man Repeller, this weeks Repeller or Propeller was all about, wait for it, NEON!
  • When a leopard print rug is used for camouflaging mud it is unspeakably fabulous. As is this entire estate shared at A Lovely Being.
  • Abounding creativity for what is destined to be an epic wedding.
  • Some gorgeous photos and lovely thoughts on the Sakura Bloom Stylathon, at the littlest.

Top photo via A Lovely Being, little elephant from Design Love Fest

age of aquarius

I am not an expert on star signs, but I have always loved being an Aquarius.  Partially due to the catchy hippie song.  Also because it is fun thinking you have something in common with people who share your birth date.  For me that includes James Joyce, Ayn Rand, Eva Cassidy, Shakira, and Farrah Fawcett to name a few.  Regardless of the headlines, I am sticking to my original sign, and citing this article if need be.  Anyways, I am in love with these zodiac cuffs from Free People.  Take a gander and see if you can resist!
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ashley smith

If there is one thing I can’t resist, it is a gap-toothed smile.  My Free People catalog arrived in the mail today, and as soon as I saw Ashley Smith’s fabulous smile I had to see more of this girl.  The cherry on top is the combination of lovely blonde hair and fierce dark eyebrows.  This may be a weird stalker-ish girl crush post, but I just can’t resist.  This girl is gorg, and I can’t wait to see more of her.
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dream suit

Retro + curvy girl = perfection!  I would know.  I have never been into bikinis.  Let me clarify- I love browsing them, picking them out for my sister, but not wearing them.  Enter Norma Kamali.  All of her vintage styles are fabulous and super flattering, but at $98.00 this is a gem.  The $98 Bill is divine. I own it, I swear by it.
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rhinestone love

Rhinestone love via etsy- and try to appreciate the hours of scouring jewels that I put into this.  Here is a round up…
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