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things you might have missed on buckets and bunches

Hello friends! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all how appreciative I am of your support and comments.  For you newcomers, here are my faves since the re-launch in July.

clothes and jewels

  1. The Ikat obsession begins
  2. Deciding not to look like a hobo
  3. Lucifer Vir Honestus baubles
  4. Boho-chic in neutrals
  5. Love this pink chevron knit


  1. Rainbow hair!
  2. Glam hands with neon nails and turquoise
  3. Hair tutorial roundup
  4. Coconut delight
  5. Nail time with my glam cousins


  1. A little collection of fabulous zebra moments.
  2. Ralph Lauren inspiration
  3. Taking Instagram to the next level
  4. Lucite trays at every price range
  5. Favorite looks from Emily Henderson


  1. Fabulous weekend when my sister came to town.
  2. Lovely time in Chicago
  3. Dreaming of our honeymoon
  4. Fabulous discovery and fun times in the kitchen
  5. Crazy pups!

wedding planning

  1. wedding planning: save the dates
  2. wedding planning: the venue
  3. wedding planning: cake
  4. wedding planning: shoes
  5. wedding planning: veils

and other things

  1. Football season survival guide
  2. The girliest post of my life
  3. Baby fever
  4. A gorgeous look I can’t stop thinking about
  5. Girl crush

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best utensils ever

When my friend Michelle sent me a text about Sucre and Spice I knew I was about to experience something good.   I am so happy she introduced me to this fabulous Etsy shop.  I am obsessed.  I really want to find some way to incorporate this into the wedding festivities…or a party…or anything!


Leopard print. Love it or hate it? I adore it…there are so many fabulous options this fall. This is just a dip into the leopard pond, friends.  Oh, and how amazing is that Cartier leopard on set…or the one pawing at the shop window?

{Top image taken by Henri Cartier-Bresson}

sweet & saucy

I was beyond delighted when I found these leopard print cupcake liners.  As in, my jaw dropped and I went silent…a rarity when it is just me and David.  I spend most of our time entertaining him with my witty inner-monologue and hilarious yet insightful commentary on the shows we are watching or the people we’ve seen.  At least, that is how I see it. There aren’t many gaps in the chatter.  I am aware of that. Ok, back to these cupcake liners. Amazing.  Then I couldn’t resist sharing a bit more with you…there are so many adorable things at Sweet & Saucy Supply.  If you are anywhere near Long Beach, CA you should go to the Sweet & Saucy Store, it has quite the reputation.

The Only Cupcake Liner I Will Every Buy Again

The Last Statement Was A Lie…

I am a pretty big fan of these lovelies as well.

The Rest of the Wishlist

wedding planning: flower girl goodness

First of all, my flower girl is adorable! Ah-dorable.  Her name is Ruby, I used to be her nanny, and she is freakin’ precious.  So, of course, I am having fun looking around at dresses.

Get the whole look at crewcuts:

Pink and tulle goodness from Gap:

Bambaroo wows with tutus:

These handmade options from Olive and Fern are killing me with swiss dots and rosettes:

If you have kids, you have to browse Chasing Fireflies:

The Wedding Planning Series

As I continue to plan for my wedding, I want to personally invite you to read through my other wedding planning escapades:

lovely links: 9.23.11

It’s finally Friday!  That means tomorrow we are headed to Cayman with our friends!  They have a place for us to stay, we used David’s miles, and pretty soon this ridiculously lucky gal will have her feet in the sand.  I looked at the forecast, and it is supposed to be super rainy.  I am going to have to admit that I like rainy beach days too, playing cards inside waiting for the rain to break.

  • Andrew + Carissa is a blog that is new to me. They are the sweetest couple and in the process of adopting a little girl from Uganda. Love.
  • Yes, Abbey, I love these bracelets too. The colors, the styling. Yes, please.
  • I love these magazine cover round-ups by Eloise. So much fun. Kirsten Dunst looks stunning.
  • See David, I told you there was such a thing as a babymoon. I win!  But I guess we can go on our honeymoon and actually get married before I plan this.
  • Karen is rocking this look! Vintage gorgeousness.
  • Oh, you thought I was done talking about babies? Well, think again. These birth announcements are so creative and sweet.  I really like the idea of a sibling creating the design.
  • I want this star projector, seen on Cup of Jo, more than anything!
  • Everyone is pretty much in agreement that my dogs can’t handle the responsibility of wedding participation.  But this bow-tie/ring-carrying collar makes me want to call the hotel right now and ask if my pups can come.  Miles to Style is also killing me with this Mulberry cuteness.

{Top image Andrew + Carissa, Rad dog look from Miles to Style}

baby fever…

Yeah. I’ve got the baby fever. Had it for years.  I have passed it onto David, and now we dream up future baby names when we get inspired.  I have seen two newborns in the past week- and this is only making it stronger and inspired me to dream up more names.  So, friends, I share my list with you, trusting you not to steal my faves! Ok, you can. I mean, it’s a good list, so I totes understand.  Is anyone else out there a little crazy, thinking about their future non-existent children every once and  a while?

PS: Congratulations to Melissa and Kate.  Melissa, Miles is so handsome and sweet, and I promise I won’t baby-nap him.  Kate, Ryleigh is a doll, love those cheeks and her sweet baby smell. Again, I will not be stealing babies.

{Vintage Strollers via, Baby Cards via}

vanity check: dry shampoo

my number one soapbox:

If you have ever been in my presence you have probably heard me rant and rave about dry shampoo. Oh, how I love it.  Seriously. Love it.  Here are the top three reasons to love dry shampoo:

  1. Fewer hair washings.  I am lazy, so I am not going to lie, I seriously love that I can take less time getting ready and skip the shower.  I do, however, have another reason for wanting to shampoo less.  An application of dry shampoo will absorb some oil, but does not completely strip your hair of natural oils, keeping your hair healthier in the long run.
  2. It adds volume! As a Texas girl, I am obviously consumed with the desire for voluminous hair.  Luckily, dry shampoo does just the trick.
  3. Dry shampoo can get you out of a jam, and having you look fabulous.  Long flight, add some dry shampoo.  Water and power outages, dry shampoo.  Unexpected guest when you have been in your PJs all day, dry shampoo. Seriously.

All that being said, I am very particular about which products I will use.  I bought one small bottle of Stila, Creme Bouquet Hair Refresher in the spring of 2008.  It is almost at the end now.  I use it all the time, but all you need is a little of this powder to revive your strands.  It is a powder, which I rub between my hands and then into the roots of my hair.  It smells amazing, works with any hair color, and is just the best. Buy this! If you have questions about using it, just ask me.  I am a self-proclaimed expert.

I once ventured out and tried colored spray dry shampoo.  It did not work for me.  I talked to an expert at Sephora, who explained to me that this type is better for women with really thick hair that is darker in color.  If I had this type of hair, I would go for Bumble and Bumble.  It comes in travel size, and the Sephora gals love it.

I have one other dry shampoo, powder form again, that I love. I couldn’t find my Stila kind anywhere, so I ventured out last month and added Oscar Blandi, Pronto Dry Shampoo into my rotation. Love it! It has a lemon verbena scent that is fab.

can’t stop thinking about…

…the image above.  It is from a wedding I saw a while ago on Style Me Pretty.  I love the combination of southwest kitsch and vintage.  This setting could make for a gorgeous dinner party, and if you want to take it into fall just pick richer colors and add a runner with a Navajo feel.

{ 1. Studio Choo flowers, 2. Brass roadrunner, 3.  Brass cactus, 4.  Navajo rug, 5. Mason jars, 6. Milkglass (just search Etsy or any antique store), 7.  Amy Merrick (for this look keep the flowers loose and a little wild), 8. Oh, Hello Friend invitation, 9.  Anthropologie Lodestar Lantern }

wedding planning: thoughts on veils

I just can’t seem to make up my mind about a veil.  I keep waffling between wearing one or just wearing something simple in my hair.  If you want to throw your two cents in, here is my dress, the venue, some shoe options, oh, and cake ideas! These are some of the gorgeous ladies and photographs that make me veil-happy:

After seeing so many veils, I started virtual veil shopping.  I think my dress would require something simple, and not all of these fall into that category, but they all needed to have their moment!

Kristi Bonnici, Love Waits Shoulder Length Veil
Kriti Bonnici The Only One Cathedral Veil
BHLDN, The Winding Road Veil
J. Crew, Floor Length Bridal Veil
Lanvin, Ostrich Feather Trimmed Veil
{Top photo, Hello Love Photography…aka, Casey, MY amazing photographer!}

The Wedding Planning Series

As I continue to plan for my wedding, I want to personally invite you to read through my other wedding planning escapades:

lovely links: 9.16.11

Well, if you follow me on Twitter , you probably have heard me complaining all week about these bizarre allergy problems I’ve been having.  I went in for allergy testing yesterday, so I had to be off of all antihistamines for a week prior.  Hives for six days and two full days with one eye swollen shut…I was not a happy camper.  I  couldn’t really take what David and I deemed “monster eye” in public either, so I have been pretty isolated.  Today I saw the allergist, though! Yay! I have never been so happy to take a Zyrtec. I fainted once (apparently it is some kind of condition…The doctor explained it to all the nurses as they hovered around me), but in return I got a lollipop.  I am just happy to put an end to waking up at 3am because I am so itchy. Ok, enough of this drama.  I hope you all had lovely weeks and are following those weeks up with lovely weekend plans. You know where I’ll be- crafting on the living room floor surrounded by football sounds. Then hopefully out for drinks with a good friend and a visit to another friend’s newborn baby!

{Shoe heart via Le Dans La, Zamboni type via Danielle Kroll}

unabashedly girlie

I was just pinning away, when I started to notice a common theme among my inspiration pictures. Dreamy pinks and nudes with a little sparkle seem to be my go-to.  Just look at these, can you blame me?

{Images via my pinterest}

These shoes just seem fitting…

oh football season, back so soon?

Let me preface this by saying if there is food, booze, friends or a team I actually care about, I can kinda get into football.  I wish I loved it.  I’m from Texas, I feel like a love for the game should run in my blood.  I love the camaraderie, but a game, especially on television, just can’t hold my focus.  So while David enjoys his football, I have created a guide for surviving the season.  This is noticeably an indoor guide, and for two reasons.  The first is that David is only home on the weekends, so when he is watching the game we still want to spend time together.  Even if that means just sitting cozy together doing separate activities.  Secondly, today is was 102 degrees…It is just not time to play outside quite yet.  So, here it is:

Football Season Survival Guide

  1. Read. You all know I have a terrible television addiction, so this is the perfect time to catch up on my reading.  First on my list, Great House by Nicole Krauss.  More suggestions, friends?

  2. Catch up on correspondence.  During a busy week, I hardly ever get my thank you notes, cards, etc. finished.  I usually get as far as picking out a card…I am naturally a hoarder, and cute stationery is definitely abounding in this girl’s house.  The writing, addressing, and postmarking usually never happen.   It is time, friends. Expect mail.

  3. Invent a signature drink. I have been meaning to make this happen for a while.  On the other hand, how will I top this cake batter martini?

  4. Bake! I love to bake.  I have yet to make whoopie pies or macaroons, and I am ready for the challenge.

  5. Paint my nails. I mean, there are always new colors and interesting nail art to try.  Plus, for me, painting my nails becomes rather zen-like. I like this about it.

  6. DIY. Design Sponge at Home arrived today and I can’t wait to start some of the fabulous projects inside.  I have also been bookmarking DIY projects all summer that I haven’t gotten around to, but look amazeballs, so I am ready to get my craft on.

  7. Plan a dinner party. Our house is finally starting to come together and I am excited to have friends over for dinner.  Luckily, my friend Tyler has agreed to be my partner in crime, so I will have amazing help with planning, and most importantly, cooking!


How do you survive football season?  Do you love to watch a good game, or do you have any great ways to make the most of your weekend, while staying in with the people you love?


Am I crazy, or are these pants kinda amazing?  They are jersey, which means super comfy.  They are striped, which means they are chic. I’m thinking it’s a good mix.

{Mobara Pants, Anthropologie}

guest wedding planner: lena of la petite coquin

Imagine my delight when Lena, who writes La Petite Coquin, started commenting over here on my humble blog.  I read her blog daily, and when she started dropping by here regularly, I was over the moon.  And then it hit me- Lena knows about weddings, has fabulous style, and is a lovely person. I am planning a wedding.  What should I do? Start begging her to collaborate with me! Being the doll she is, she said yes!

Here are the marvelous results (to see my dress that these shoes would be worn with, look here and to get the whole vibe you can see the venue too).  Prepare yourself to want new shoes right away.  I can say this, if you’ve had a wedding, you are going to want a renewal with a pair of these beauties.  If you are engaged, you are in luck.  And if you aren’t planning yet, bookmark these! Now, here is the fabulous Lena:

“While I wouldn’t call myself a shoe girl, I have four or five pairs of black flats, a whole array of nude patent leather shoes and enough black high heels to dress each girl in our apartment building–and that’s not including the shoes in “storage” at my parents’ house. I love featuring a pair of seriously gorgeous wedding shoes every Tuesday, but I try to avoid drooling over the bridal departments of Neiman Marcus, Net-a-Porter and Kate Spade for the sake of my credit cards. Unless, of course, one of my darling blogging buds asks me to help her find the perfect pair of heels for her upcoming art deco nuptials, and then I can spend hours searching for that perfect finishing touch. I couldn’t be more delighted to be sharing the fruits of my labor!

Alexandre Birman’s python slingbacks spotted on Net-a-Porter are classic-ivory and sweet, these are perfect under a wedding gown and will get miles of wear after the big day.

Brian Atwood’s Maniac platform pumps come in an understated nude patent leather, but these gleaming metallic beauties are show stoppers. I wonder if Saks has a buy one-get one free deal…

This pair of peep toe pumps from Fendi is simply to die for-the tuxedo bow is perfect for a wedding, and the pewter color would be gorgeous with the embroidery on Chelsea’s gown! Of course, if a 5.5″ heel seems like a bit much for an evening of dinner and dancing, there are always these darling Kate Spade Billie peep toes, with all the metallic dazzle and much less of the ouch.

A pair of Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby Jewel Buckle d’Orsay pumps makes any girl–Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or otherwise–coo. They’d suit Chelsea’s gown perfectly, but they’d also be fabulous with a little white shift dress on the honeymoon!

I’d long loved Miu Miu, and these satin platform pumps are the height of bridal simplicity with a serious 5″ heel.

The subtle blush satin and stunning crystals on these Valentino suede and satin sandals actually stopped me in my tracks. The price tag, at just over a thousand dollars, kept me moving, but maybe Chelsea won’t be able to resist! After all, you only wear that gorgeous gown once…

These Valentino pumps in lace and satin weren’t what I imagined I’d pick when I set out to find Chelsea a perfect pair of wedding shoes, but I just couldn’t stop dreaming about the combination of swiss dot and classic lace. What do you think–too much, or just enough?”

{Top image from Yooli and Michael’s wedding, via La Petite Couqin}

The Wedding Planning Series

As I continue to plan for my wedding, I want to personally invite you to read through my other wedding planning escapades:

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