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wedding planning: off topic

So, I didn’t actually do much wedding planning for myself this week, but my sister and I talked about wedding concepts that she loves.   This is some inspiration for Katrina’s someday wedding.  The idea is a little rough, but rustic-bohemian-butterfly-whimsy is what we have going on right now…with a little Parisian flare sprinkled in.  All images are in the “Chelsea Has Control Issues” board on Pinterest.

lovely links: 10.28.11

Ups and downs this week:

  • Back to work= exhausting but fun
  • Losing a diamond in my engagement ring= devastating
  • David not coming home this weekend because he is visiting his parents= bummer for me left at home
  • Upside to being alone this weekend= sleepover plans with friends

So, I am looking forward to a good weekend.  Is anyone doing something awesome for Halloween?  I want to hear about fun weekends…think of me while I work the weekend away…sigh.

lovely links:


guest post!

Today I am over at Small Shop blog with Erika! Exciting or what?  I love her aesthetic and am always inspired by her posts.  I literally started squealing when I got the email from her inviting me to do this.  Anyways, so much for playing it cool.  I hope you will go check out my post and if you are new to Small Shop take a gander.

inspired by flowers

I spend a ridiculous amount of time browsing flower arrangements online, walking around floral studios… and I am obsessed with the section in the Design Sponge book on flower arranging.  Anyways, I wrote a flower inspired post for Small Shop, and then kinda got on a roll.

{ Parisian Chic: A Style Guide, Super Eyeglasses Ciccio, Chanel Polish in Dragon, Agate Necklace, Ghost Chair, iPad Case, Rose Embellished Tee}

{Intrecciato Leather Clutch, Suede Tote, Spring Ring, Fadeout Tee, Drawstring Wool Dress, Cathy Waterman Earrings, Natte Throw, Textured Leather Knee Boots}

Top Image Via

adorable overload

I need that cute little guy above!  Just picture my wedding date with that adorable bunting.  Need.  If you are heading to a baby shower or have a little one on the way, then you need these.  Cuteness.  They are all from the amazing little shop A. E. Wilder.

grey & gold

You all know that I love grey.  I am still as obsessed as ever with grey and pink as a color combo, but looking at the holidays I am really digging grey and gold.  It is so rich looking and you can do so much with textures.

Grey and Gold Inspiration

My Grey and Gold Picks

{ Swash Scarf, Miu Miu Tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Zadig and Votaire Sweater}

wedding planning: hair

I am in the middle of several wedding projects, but I was thinking about how to do my hair the other day. I browsed Pinterest, I scoured Martha Stewart, but everything was looking too polished, too shellacked…and then I remembered one of my favorite ad campaigns starring the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson.  Miss Johansson’s styling for these Moet ads are so lovely.  I love the side-swept hair,  the volume, and I love the lips.  I’ll have to think about how to pull off a bold lip with the photos and kissing that will be happening on my wedding day. Hmm… thoughts?

lovely links: 10.21.11

Wow.  Ok, so this was a busy week.  I have been at home for a while now, blogging and wedding planning, but I am stepping it back up and heading back to not one, but two part time jobs.  It’s a necessity, and I am also thinking that it will be good to be up and about, getting dressed and interacting a little more with the world.  I don’t know.  I have a tendency to get overwhelmed, so I am going to have to take it one day at a time and remember to breathe. I am working Saturday, but plan to make the most of Sunday spending time with David, tackling some fun projects and going for a walk now that the temperature has dropped into the 70/80 range.  Finally.

i love my friends

There is nothing like a nice night with friends and wine.  We have been gathering at my friend Michelle’s house the past couple of weeks for homemade dinners, crafts that we never really get around to, and time to laugh and chat.  Last week Michelle made amazing pita pizzas. They were so yummy and simple. Yesterday Tyler made Italian wedding soup. Oh. This soup? This soup was amazing.  Here are these fabulous friends of mine.

The lovely host!

Michelle hinting at something to do with her ring finger…hmm….

I remember this phase before David and I got engaged.  We had looked at rings, talked about a wedding, and then I just kept expecting the moment.  David knelt down to get a present for my birthday out of a suitcase and I started squealing “it’s happening!!”  It wasn’t.  He was on one knee!?  It was just a normal birthday gift. And when we got engaged, it was amazing.  There was a weird phase of expectation and excitement for a while.  Looking at this picture, I am led to believe Michelle might be experiencing this.

And here is Tyler.  So adorable.

wine bottle goodness

A few weeks ago we went to brunch at Bread Winners and saw this fun fixture:

So I searched around and found a couple of other fun wine bottle projects:

I also found an entire guide to wine bottle crafts.  You can find all the tools, helpful tips and different crafts here.  I mean, we drink enough wine… it seems silly not to put those bottles to use.  And that last image links to a site that sells the base for those lovely chandys.  I am really loving the bottles filled with Christmas lights.  What do you think?  Would you try any of these projects? xo


Hello friends.  Today I have a big, indulgent wish list!

I wish I was wearing this (and maybe frolicking like that):

With these Cartier Love Bracelets:

With this fab hair:

And these amazing nails:

Eating these chocolate chip waffle cookies, Yum!
{Top image: Confetti System, edited by me}

wedding planning: the vibe

hile interviewing vendors I have been asked to describe our wedding theme several times.  I have dubbed our wedding vibe “vintage-romantic-glam”.  The venue is very art deco and colorful, so my goal is to make the wedding “ours” without competing with the space.  Color inspiration: pink (all pinks), silver, champagne, and gold.  Greys and blacks are also welcome.  And glitter. Obvi.


A little explanation:  The map is because David and I love to travel…in fact, we met in Switzerland.  I threw in the “I think you are more perfect than Helvetica” since we are both type nerds.  I am still thinking about more elements to personalize the wedding, but the images above really showcase the general feeling that I want.  Oh, and I want to include the me and you and also ampersands since we always write to each other “it’s me and you” for support and love. xo

{All images in my pinterest “inspiration for my wedding” folder}

big D

Fun times in Dallas.  I can often be found attacking my sister and documenting it when we are together!

Dixie is in love with my dad.  He is also a big fan of hers!

Leftover cake from a cake tasting.

Wally love-fest!

Me and David

Me and Katrina

My beautiful sister and her new bangs

Great ambiance and great fries…

Full and happy family.  Me, Katrina, my dad and his fiance, Trish.


Ok, don’t hate on me because of the price of these beauties, just love on them and be inspired! PS- the designer, Anna Rabinowicz, looks absolutely adorable.

RabLabs was created from the desire to bring warmth and natural inspiration into the home. Our designs fuse ancient, precious materials with cutting-edge design

I love the Kiva Platters.  I mean, they are just gorgeous. A little boho, a little glitz…so unique.

this wednesday

This Wednesday I am getting a little tired of living out of a suitcase.  I had a wonderful vacation, followed by a wonderful time in Dallas, but I need to unpack, and settle back in.  I have another round of allergy testing tomorrow morning, which means right now I am off of all anti-histamines and am once again plagued with hives and sneezing fits. I haven’t had any time to keep up with my favorite blogs either- so blogger friends, sorry for the lack of love these last few weeks.  I am heading home today and should be able to catch up soon.  I feel good about the wedding planning I accomplished over the last few days, and it was so nice to catch up with friends and family.  I want to come back to Dallas soon, because I feel like I never have enough time with all of the people I love during these visits.

You will have to forgive me, because I have had no time to invest in my posts, either.  Everything is very rushed, and I hate that feeling.  OK, enough complaining! Here are some pretty/funny/adorable things that I am loving today.  I am obsessed with so many fonts on Veer; that top image being on of my faves.

{All images can be found in my Pinterest}

today I’m diggin’

vintage pyrex

First of all, Pyrex is super versatile.  It can go from the oven to the table. It can be microwaved and refrigerated.  This may be one of the only functional things I have ever been tempted to collect.  I normally gravitate towards tiny boxes and figurines. I love “collections”.  Yesterday I was talking to my friend Lissy about watching Hoarders.  She said that it makes her want to start cleaning fiercely.  I, on the other hand, admitted that it makes me feel a little more relaxed about my collections and level of clutter…

But back to the Pyrex.  It is so happy and bright.  There is so much on Etsy and I always see it at estate sales…. watch out, little house, we might be starting a new collection.

{ All images can be found on my Pinterest, check it out! some of these are other people’s collections but some are for sale}

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