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lovely links: 12.30.11

Happy new years friends!  I am so excited about this new year… a birthday (mine), a wedding (mine), Michelle is headed to Mexico on vacation with her honey…traveling, friends, family and love.  All that these gals could wish for.
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wedding bands

I know it isn’t my normal day for wedding posts, but I had to share!  David and I ordered our wedding bands today.  I had been looking for a while and the only problem I had is I love beautiful rings.  I fell in love with about one hundred bands.  If David ever wants to buy me a little something shiny he has an entire file of rings.  Our issue had been finding a band for him.  Um, is it just me, or are man-bands a little boring?  Enter Macha Date-Letter.  I have long been in love with their Dandelion ring, and I was browsing around a few days ago when I found the Date Letter line.  These rings are stamped with a lion that represents the sterling silver and an “m” marking the year (2011) they were made.  True, our actual wedding is in 2012, but this has been a major year for us and M will be my new last initial.  We fell in love with these unique rings and placed the order yesterday.  I am so excited.  We are already looking forward to putting the rings together and chanting in true Captain Planet style.
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bunny love

Michelle and I have been spending a lot of time with her gorgeous-precious-amazing niece and have renewed baby fever.  David travels so frequently that if there is a baby in the future it will basically be mine and Michelle’s, so future planning has commenced.  It is crazy?  A little.  Am I afraid to share my crazy with you?  No.  Why stop now?  Bunnies feature heavily in the baby love.
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I am still in a comatose state from Christmas dinner at my mom’s house.  Did you lovelies get some time off?  Relax or eat great food?  Just a little rant here.  I am sure there are those of you who are sick of the snow and cold…but it is supposed to get back up to 75 this week and I would like some time to rock winter glam.  Do you love winter weather or dread it?
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lovely links: 12.23.11

It’s Friday-Christmas weekend is upon us.  I have a crazy day ahead of me seeing as it’s almost Christmas and I am in retail, but I am excited.  I love spreading the cheer.  When I get off work at six David and I are hopping in the car with the pups and driving to Dallas.  I still need to get my Christmas playlist updated.  Suggestions?  I plan to sing carols and wedding plan for five hours with David’s undivided attention. I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s holiday.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and eat lots of good food! xo
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holiday traditions

I love Christmas traditions.  My favorites included dressing up on Christmas eve, opening and wearing new pajamas that same night, reading ’twas the night before Christmas, having a special sleepover with my sister and waking up EARLY.  I used to set my alarm to make sure that I woke up early enough.  I. Was. Serious.  Katrina and I still have Christmas eve sleepovers in our pajamas, even if that means me, David, Katrina, Dixie, and Wally have to find a way to fit in the same room.  I still wake up ridiculously early Christmas morning and am very impatient waiting for the rest of the family.  We have added on new traditions that I love over the years.  When my dad started dating his fiance she brought over British Christmas crackers and we open those at dinner now and wear the crowns.  We have implemented PJs all day on Christmas.  David is a part of my Christmas now and we make sugar cookies together.  My friend Lissy joins our family every year, and we watch Meet Me In St. Louis- I always cry.  So, tell me loves, what are your favorite holiday time traditions?
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i die

Obviously my goal in life is to be a diva.  The trickiest question for me?  Would I rather be Lea Michele or Beyonce?  Both super divas, amazing singers, star of stage and screen…Sophie’s choice.  I’m seriously. The other night the stars aligned to bring Lea and Chris Colfer to my dream bestie, Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens: Live. Oh, what a crowd.   I die.  It’s probably disturbing how much Bravo I watch.  Anyways, I think we can all agree Lea is killing it in this dress.  It’s Jenny Packham, and amazing.
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honeymoon self portraits

Enjoy some of these shots we took!
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wedding planning: the groom

groom/groomsman inspiration

David and I are looking at tie bars and pocket squares for the guys’ look at the wedding.  Suggestions?  We love vintage, but aren’t tied to it.  And I am going to be honest, we don’t have a huge budget.  As in, David stumbled me that Burberry tie bar, and I suggested that we paint hair clips… I know.  Disclaimer: David chose all the photos for this post.  Yes, he is the one in love with Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass.
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Silly Wally, Mommy’s fancy bedding is for people.  He was sleeping with me last night, but decided to take advantage of the unmade bed that apparently was just calling to him and settled on the pillow pile. So I woke up and saw this happening.  He actually looked into my eye, challenging me.  I wasn’t too thrilled, but I was happy he went back to sleep so I could get some extra shuteye. And he is just so freakin’ adorable.
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two birds in a bush

This was David’s idea for a title.  I can’t even tell you what it means…  Alas, I am jet-lagged and settled for it.

Lauren Bush + David Lauren

The wedding was gorgeous.  It was at the Double RL Ranch.  You know how I feel about that place.  I am sorry if you have already been bombarded with these images, but they are amazeballs.
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kiss kiss

Hello friends!  I am back from my (pre-wedding) honeymoon.  It was fabulous.  Pictures and stories coming to Buckets and Bunches next week.  I want to thank my guest bloggers once again.  Molly {A Piece of Toast}, Lena {La Petite Coquin}, Dana {The Dream Bed}, and Victoria {VMac and Cheese} thank you guys! Your content was lovely and inspired and I am so grateful.
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marshmallow fun

Our tree looked a little pathetic this year.  It is fake (since we are traveling and have massive allergies) and scrawny.  I remembered seeing a this picture of marshmallow garlands and thinking it was magical and delightful.   So this year Michelle and I got busy making our own.
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wedding planning: shoes, round 2

So, after much debate and trying on I have found my shoes!  I went to the store and tried on nearly every pair rounded up by Lena.  And though they were incredible, I couldn’t conceive of rocking the platform or heel for so many hours.  In the end the Jimmy Choo “Isabel” is the winner.  Practical because of the short heel, but absolutely fabulous.  I will wear these all the time and am excited that I will be able to look down at my shoesies and think of the wedding.  I am not going to lie, they are in their box with a spot on the bookshelf right now.  They are too special for the closet just yet.  Thank you, Mom. I love them.
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guest post: victoria {vmac & cheese}

Last, but far from least, in my guest post week-long extravaganza is Victoria, from VMAC & Cheese! Talk about kindred spirits! She and I share a lot of similarities in our taste and style, so I know you are going to love what she envisions for a Parisian outing. Without further ado, here is Victoria:
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