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alessandra olanow and excitement!

So. I am a huge fan of Alessandra Olanow. Her sketches are quirky, charming, and make me grin every time.

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The Ampersands of Typekit

branding inspiration

I tend to over think things. At the end of the summer I took a break from this ol’ blog for that very reason.

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the challenge to find holiday spirit in texas

Texas. You love it or you hate it. At least that’s what they say. I find myself in an odd middle place.

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our five thanksgivings

I am nostalgic, I love traditions. I have been known to feel nostalgic and sentimental while in the moment, creating said traditions.

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texture 1


I am ready to indulge in the holidays. I have officially started my Christmas music rotation and am ready for pie, pumpkin and cozy times.

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face header

styled for a sunday

Good morning happy campers. It’s Monday. Hang tight, though, it’s a mini week. And I am rolling off of a happy Sunday, which is rare.

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good reads: 11.16.12

So, our last week in Houston in coming to an end. David and I haven’t spent this much time together since… I don’t really know.

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anne, darling anne

“I dreamed a dream…” and it was about Anne Hathaway. I can’t wait for that gorgeous girl to hit the silver screen again as Fontine in Les Miserables.

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obsessed: catbird

The obsession with Catbird continues. The perfect mix of traditional and non-traditional, I die over their jewelry.

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L’Invitation au Voyage

Did you guys catch the new/first Louis Vuitton ad on tv? I didn’t. Sunday night we were coping with electricity probs at the house in Houston.

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head in the clouds

Tulle has the ability to span the gap. From romantic and dreamy to festive and fun, tulle is the gal for you. My head has been in the clouds for a while.

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my creations

The Saturday before Halloween I helped my mom and step-dad get ready for an event. Halloween already seems like it was a million years ago, but I wanted to pop and in and share the Dia de los Muertos look I created for them.

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styled for Austin

I just love Austin. David and I drove down to visit my sis about two weeks ago. We took these shots with bellies full of brunch, in the bright light and wind. Read more…

put a crown on it

Want to know where my head is at right now? With all of the recent changes in our lives, I couldn’t really tell you. I can tell you what is on that head, and it is pom-poms, headbands, and CROWNS. Read more…


oh lana

I am completely captivated by Lana del Rey. I am having a re-surge of fascination spurred on by these photos. I don’t mind if this is a persona she created, because truly I believe we all do that a little. Read more…