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Moody Pink

This post is a little late getting up today. Last night I had a massive anxiety attack that lasted a few hours and interfered with writing a post. I still feel a little rattled, but I am getting on with things. I love pink.

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the new hippie 1

neo hippie

I have always loved me some boho chic. David says that he was immediately drawn to my style  when we met in college, at the peak of my hippie phase. He said that he had never really seen any girls dressed that way and it fueled his crush.

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crowned: two sisters and a tutorial

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on our news about moving to Seattle yesterday. I love the support and the suggestions. Now, for today.

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It seems like my life is going to be in flux a little while longer because (drum roll) we are moving to Seattle! David has a year long project there and this time I get to go along.

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link love 1.25.13

This week just flew by! And with multiple Beyonce related news items nonetheless. I mean…
What do you have planned for the weekend?

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bianca jagger style turban

style in spades: bianca jagger

I am sick. Ugh. I am pretty tired of it. I am spending my sick day looking at style icons of mine. When I get off the couch and get dressed I have some grand sartorial aspirations.

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buckets and bunches galaxy nasa

pinterest theme: galaxy

Today I am starstruck in a whole new way… I feel inspired by a galactic color scheme, the pin points of light, the spacey vibe.

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buckets and bunches date night outfit

styled for a date night

You know that date night I was telling you about? After our stroll, we went to Tillman’s Roadhouse.

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petals on sidewalk

weekend stroll

David and I hit up one of our fave Dallas neighborhoods this weekend on our date night. We strolled around Bishop Arts picking up some pie to eat later at Emporium Pies and tracked down cigars because David had a craving.

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good reads 1.18.13

Man, this was a good week on the Internets, I have so many good links lined up for you guys. I know, I know… I am so nice.

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buckets and bunches faves

on repeat #1

I don’t usually just like things. I love them. I usually develop full blown obsessions. For no other reason than documentation and pure fun, I am going to chronicle those loves. This week:

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Chassie Post Loft

chassie post via miles redd

I have not been able to get this loft out of my head recently. I love it when fashion or decor is treated like the fun that it can be, with whimsy and humor… This loft belongs to lifestyle editor Chassie Post and her family and was featured on Billy.

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how to inch forward smiling

Last week something incredible happened to me. I was up late, writing a post, battling insomnia, and playing my favorite late night game- look at other people’s lives, compare, feel miserable.

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john krasinski and emily blunt via terry richardson

Honestly… I spent the whole weekend with my sister and then thoroughly engrossed in the Golden Globes, so I don’t have anything elaborate planned for B&B this morning.

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good reads: 1.10.13

I am just so freakin excited right now I can’t deal with it. My sister is unexpectedly in town, we are in pjs, watching tv and scheming on how I can become famous.

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