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This year as I watched the Academy Awards I couldn’t help thinking about another Oscar ceremony two year ago. I sat in a hotel lobby near Philadelphia. Huddled around a little table with my parents and David. We watched the show. I took a few calls during the ceremony. The only thing I really remember is my dad rooting for The King’s Speech. It was the last night of my old life… Read more…


counting down and rainboots

I am in an odd place in my life these days. I have been living nomadic-ally since last May when I moved into the garage apartment of my most beloved friends/work family. We officially put our life into storage in November when we left Houston and I have been living at my mom’s house since then. I am pretty sure we have wedding gifts that we haven’t touched yet. Today we officially got an apartment (through David’s work) and our move to Seattle is starting to feel real, but hasn’t sunk in… Read more…


miss b.’s fotos

I love Besotted Blog. I love Tristan’s photography challenges. So many of her photos are moving, thoughtful, intricate. I love that she is so honest about her process. This photo, of her pup on it’s bday, just makes me smile. I hope you smile, too.


a little or a lot [emerald]

I almost forgot about this post. I made this post in December, right after the Pantone color of the year was announced. It was a pitch, that didn’t make the cut, but I still love it and wanted to share it… Read more…


happy birthday, katrina

Dearest little sister,
You are incredible! So self-assured and confident. I admire your conviction. I hope that this year is going to turn around the things that need it and make the good things sparkle even brighter. You are smart, funny, loyal, and covered in glitter. I love you so much. Happy birthday, bean.


full heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. If you follow me on twitter (all 1o of you) then you probably heard me mention that I am crying at the drop of a pin these days. Jewelry commercials, books, light shining through the rain, and during a particularly unprofessional babysitting moment recently… Read more…


Delpozo RTW Fall 2013

Of course I dream of attending fashion week in New York… obvi. Thank goodness for twitter/instagram/vine/pinterest/blogging. NYFW is more accessible than it has ever been. This weekend as I was drooling on my computer and following along with all that goodness, I came across the Delpozo show on Kelly’s feedRead more…


internet digs 2.8.13

This week was tough for me. The past few weeks have been tough, but I haven’t quite found the words to tell you about it yet. Read more…


put a bow on it

When whimsy and girlishness met, they had a baby and it was the over sized head bow… Read more…


allison watkins

I am completely enamored with Allison Watkins‘ closet series… Read more…

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