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headed home and links

I am headed home for Easter weekend… Read more…


trench time

If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed some intense trench coat pinning. Every spring (and fall) I get an itch for a trench. Yes, I am coveting a baseball jacket, and gingham denim jacket, but a trench is a must. You can throw a trench on over anything and look effortless. You don’t need me to tell you why every woman should own a trench (perfect for warmer layering weather, cinches the waist, classic but fresh), you have eyes and a brain… Read more…

purple mountain

road trip part 1

Two and a half weeks ago my sister and I arrived in Seattle. We were slightly delirious, I was about two hours away from one of the worst stomach viruses of my life, and we were slightly hoarse from singing musicals in the car, but we had made it. We drove from Dallas to Seattle over the course of 4 days… Read more…


cooking and (de)vices

I guess I could have resolved to cook more at any point in time, but I like grand new beginnings to make change. I have more free time than ever, so, obviously I have the time and have run out of excuses to not cook. I don’t know why I avoid it so much. Read more…


weekend with ikea and dutch babies

I guess I should stop making statements about the highs and lows of my days/weeks/weekends like it’s a surprise/something new/unusual. It seems to happen all the time. Our Ikea trip, for example, started with happy loving reminiscing. Um, does that sound weird? Since David and I met as college students in Switzerland, Ikea shopping was a frequent activity. We shopped around, stopped for a meatball lunch (…David…) and then. Well, then David realized he threw away our list with his lunch… Read more…


the exciting mundane and good reads

And so another week wraps up here in Seattle. It was a good one. Baking, long walks exploring, a great vintage store find, the new Kinfolk, dog park, and every night spent with David. Which, can we talk about that for a second? Read more…


debbie carlos

I love the prints and posters by Debbie Carlos. The colors and tone make me feel sentimental and a little melancholy, but in a good way. Except for the bunny. That is just happiness in a cotton tail… Read more…

Spring Fling

the resistance is over

I love fall and winter. I love layers, the holidays, curling up and getting cozy. I am not a huge fan of summer. I mean, have you seen me? I am one pale gal. I do love spring, but I resist it like crazy… Read more…


those are stars…

… on her pants. Gah. I hate all my clothes right now. Well, I hate the ones that fit. Barf.
(Source unknown except my Pinterest! Help me identify this. )


donuts and you’ve got mail

This weekend we… Read more…


good reads: 3.15.13

So, my first weekend sans stomach flu is imminent! I need to craft an itinerary for us. I suspect that it will involve Ikea. I hope that it also involves exploration and maybe a new restaurant or two. I LOVE all of these links this week…. enjoy! Read more…


first impressions

First impressions of my new home:


and so it begins

Today my sister, Katrina, and I embark on the road trip from Dallas to Seattle… Read more…

ruby cake time

the weekend and ruby’s birthday

Well, this past weekend was delightful. David flew home Thursday night, and by Friday night Katrina and Michelle had arrived as well… Read more…