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max wanger

I can, and have, literally spent hours browsing through Max Wanger’s photography. Feeling uninspired? I promise you will be cured of it after even a little time of browsing. I love the sense of magic, whimsy and heart that can be found in all of his photos- from his wedding shoots to his editorial work. His travel photos could convince me to go anywhere. Read more…


oh how glamorous

My brain is just too foggy to write much today. However. Oh. holy. glam. Do you remember this editorial photographed by Terry Richardson, styled by Andrew Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar? I just die. I am going to have to create a situation for this level of glamor for myself sometime soon. In these photos I can smell coconut and feel a breeze… Read more…


there goes my hair

Normally there is nothing quite as satisfying as the validation of an expert telling you that you are right about something that everyone around you doubted. And when I say doubted, the words paranoid and crazy were thrown around quite liberally… Read more…


sally field.

Always and forever.



I wrote this last night:

Sigh. We had a great Sunday. Leaving me exhausted and oddly nauseated? Tomorrow I am going to the dermatologist, but more importantly going to meet some Seattle people! David already gave me a pep talk about not being too enthusiastic and giving new potential friends crazy eyes. I am going to try and stay away from proclamations such as “I know we literally just met, but I think we could be best friends let’s plan that trip to Paris and I’ll be at your house for a sleepover at 8″. So. Yeah. Maybe I will just wear my glasses to disguise the crazy eyes.

I will be back later in the day to report and share more photos from today!


design itch

It has been a year now since I started packing for what I thought would be a three month stay in Dallas… Read more…

2 rununc pink and black


Last week I bought a few bunches of ranunculus that have been blooming and smiling like crazy. Fresh flowers just make such a difference. We are going to personalize this space a little (more on this soon) but for now the color and attitude of the blooms is dictating so much. Oh, and I took about a million photos of them. Ha. Hope you are into that.


oh glorious date night

A few weeks ago I compiled a feverishly researched list of things I want to do and places I want to eat in Seattle. Being so new to the city, I knew the majority of these dinners were going to be date nights with just the two of us. I couldn’t even remember the last time David and I had been on a date night. Since we don’t have kids and have seemingly spent forever together I just kinda didn’t care. Yes, I want to go out, try new places, enjoy the city, but I just wasn’t particularly enchanted with the idea of date night. I guess the whole date night phrase has a way of putting me off. We would go out to dinner together, but in a pragmatic way. I am not sure what I was thinking… Read more…


sunshine and weekend reading

Well, friends, there were some amazing hours of sunlight here in Seattle this week. I got a taste of spring and summer and it was glorious… Read more…



Oh. My. These wedges just stole my heart. Glitter? Yes, please. White? Bring it summer. Wedge? My feet thank you.
It is just me or are these shoes kinda amazing? Yeah, I know they are a bit 70s, a bit clunky, a bit showy. But you only live once. They are definitely worth a trip to the store to try on. Gah. xo
(Day wedges, Kate Spade ) Read more…


somone forgot to post her easter photos

Ok. I didn’t exactly forget, but kinda. I had written this diatribe about holidays and struggles, happiness and changes… but I keep writing and rewritng it and I can’t quite get it out yet. I need to mull those thoughts over a bit longer. As usually happens during the bustle of the holidays, I forget to take pictures of everything, but here are the ones I took: Read more…


more. star. pants.

You guys. I am dreaming about star pants. Glorious, glorious, star pants. I have more dreams… involving succulents, travel, throw pillows, babies, salted caramel brownies… What are you dreaming about today?

giant yogurt

the world’s largest frozen yogurt

As I mentioned on Friday, I am working on being a little healthier. Working out, eating right, lot’s of fresh air. The thing is, when I am deprived of sweets I get nasty. I have a killer sweet tooth. If I even think about the loss of all sugar I get rather hulk-like. David calls me “chulk”, a combination of Chelsea and the Hulk. Delightful… Read more…


dance aerobics and the links

Whew. Back from Dallas, walking around looking like a drowned rat in Seattle, and enjoying it. You know that weight gain I talked about? Well, since I am in recovery, I have to be careful, but I am trying to whip myself into shape. I am looking for a class to take, but meanwhile I am developing my own personal dance exercising routine… Read more…

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