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Here is the deal with me and Texas… Read more…


coming out of a rut

I have spent the past week scouring Pinterest and working on different projects to get inspired. I was going through a rut. Which is such a cute expression for something that can feel almost paralyzing. Finding the CFDA Swarovski Award nominees’ limited-edition objets d’art collection certainly helped bust me out. Discovered through Josyln (of course), these projects are so refreshing to me… Read more…


happy birthday, mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. For ten years of my life my mom turned 40… Read more…


a work in progess… with poms

So, we moved up to Seattle with a car full of stuff. No shipped boxes, no U-Haul, nada. Our relocation came about quickly and all of our things are in a storage pod. Our apartment is rented by a corporate housing company. It came fully furnished and “decorated”. When we moved in it looked very sterile, very hotel like. The highlights being the “funky” throw pillows and generic art…Oh, and those lamps… Read more…


little white dress

Well, my Michelle has started wedding planning… and I am in heaven. My creative and unique friend is planning what will be a creative and unique wedding. Read more…


that’s what she said

I am still in mourning after last nights series finale of The Office. Did you watch the show? I remember watching the first season on DVD in college when my friend Annie sold me on it. That girl is picky about her tv- we had regular viewing sessions of “Date My Mom” and “Pimp My Life,” so I knew whatever she brought to me would be gold. And it was. Such a relate-able, funny, heartwarming, ridiculous half-hour. Read more…


pajaki and mind fog

I have such a block in my brain this week. I am working on a project for the apartment which involves making a billion pompoms, and I have been rocking it… Read more…


i wish i was wearing

via Jak & Jil


poppy and pink

I needed a break from words today… Read more…



Well, the sunny streak is supposedly wrapping up here. Good thing, because I was about to start getting real reckless with accusations towards all the people who said it doesn’t get sunny here until July 5. I mean… Read more…

lemon souff

the pantry at delancey

I made a game-plan when we moved to Seattle. A plan to meet both the city and the people. Ok, the plan was pretty simple… Read more…


dreaming of…

… owning a Alice + Olivia skirt like this beauty. For an event with a t-shirt and great jewelry? Love.


counting down

Well, the reviews are trickling in for The Great Gatsby. It opens May 10, and in honor of Baz and Leo I will be watching Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Strictly Ballroom, Titanic, and The Aviator. Read more…


how entertaining

It was sunny and oh so fabulous in Seattle this past weekend. There are only 50 odd sunny days in Seattle a year, so I am mentally ticking off the days of sunshine we have left. I always have to add things up, subtract them away… In the sense that I worry about how much time I have for everything. NOT in the sense that I can comprehend an inkling of math. Math to me is like this… Read more…

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 9.38.44 PM

vacations all i ever wanted

First things first. I know you have thought it, I know you have read it, but the blogging community is kinda the shit. The thoughtful comments and emails that I received yesterday are why I don’t just give up on this whole idea… Read more…

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