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for the love of stuff

Being quite the matron of the kitchen myself, it was really quite easy to seek out great kitchen gadgets and accessories. Granted that a real chef/foodie probably doesn’t need any of these things, they would all make great kitchen display pieces. Glue magnets on the back of the ice-a-marines and muse them on the fridge, Place the gigantic red apple caldron next to a fabulous stack of cook books as a book end. The babushka, well, she’d be great anywhere.  I think what might come next folks is a book entitled….For the love of stuff.
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curiouser & curiouser

This post is a wonderland of our favorite furniture finds. Chelsea and I want to play a little game to see if you can distinguish our taste.  One of us is Tweedledee and one is Tweedledum; can you tell who is who?
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holton rower

Buckets and Bunches welcomes Michelle as it’s newest contributing editor! You will see her posting weekly on the blog and even more exciting, she is my partner in crime in home styling, DIY, and fab decor. Don’t be surprised if the level of taxidermy and generally bizarre finds you see on the blog triples. So friends, prep yourself for some fun projects, posts and adventures brought to you by us!

The Huffington Post describes Holton Rower‘s “Pour Series” as “Part messy and childish, part organized and sophisticated, Rower’s paintings are completely hypnotic.” I have to agree. The process looks so fun and free and the resulting works of art are a little trippy, but could look amazing in the right space.