a work in progess… with poms

So, we moved up to Seattle with a car full of stuff. No shipped boxes, no U-Haul, nada. Our relocation came about quickly and all of our things are in a storage pod. Our apartment is rented by a corporate housing company. It came fully furnished and “decorated”. When we moved in it looked very sterile, very hotel like. The highlights being the “funky” throw pillows and generic art…Oh, and those lamps…
IMG_4932 IMG_8610 IMG_7529

So, with nothing really on hand to contribute besides a few throw blankets and very little budget, I tried to leave the apartment alone for a while. But it felt so foreign and unfriendly, I just couldn’t. We will be in this space, unless something unforeseen happens, for a full year. I think at that point, it is just good for the soul to do a little nesting. I took advantage of an Anthropologie promotion to get the most lush and gorgeous pillows and swap out one lamp. Even with the discount, my budget was spent. I have an Ikea lamp in mind to replace the floor lamp, but I need to wait it out. I brought two little prints with me from Dallas (oops, I lied earlier), the ampersand and the portrait by Alessanda Olanow. But they are so mini, they weren’t going to do the trick about the sofa. Desperate for a project, I was digging through Design Sponge archives when I came across a DIY pom garland tutorial. The poms were just so fluffy and joyful, I couldn’t resist. And so, I started making pom poms. One big ass found stick and several Netflix marathons later my poms are up in their full glory. They have become quick friends with my two baby prints. I love this as a quick cheap fix. It might look a little kid craft-y… but it makes me smile.
two poms living room 1 pom garland final living room 3 living room 4 single pom wood and poms

Just a little corner of the apartment is spruced up, but I am hoping to keep on making it ours. xo


  1. OMFG. THAT is adoooorable. Genius and amazing. I just literally told myself I wanted some style like that…and I remembered our walls are crap and don’t hold up anything heavy. Sigh…so happy you got some happy in your space!!!

  2. What a difference. The color, the texture, the fun, the pretty all make it very homey! Love the branch added in to keep it not too girly!

  3. WAIT, WHAT? Did you really make that? I’m sorry, but I’m geeking out. The place looks so much better already. I love love love the decor.

  4. Colleen

    LOVE IT! I’m inspired!

  5. Awwww it’s def feeling more like home! I’m such a sucker for a pom pom garland!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this–it makes the biggest difference. The space is adorable!

  7. W O W – what a HUGE difference just a few small changes makes!! That looks like a couch I’d love to hang out on now!

  8. Nest away! Really incredible difference and so colorful!

    What was your Netflix pompom pick?

  9. Katrina Stephens

    This is an amazing transformation! I might copy Kat you but since we are so far away noone will know. So you finally got to use the pom pom maker i see though!

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