breakfast nook

Finally, an area of the house that looks pulled together! Pulling together a house is big work, and before I started nailing things on the wall, I needed the go-ahead from my mom.  Yes, you heard it.  I will always need my mom.  As for the pieces, I found the light fixture at Uncommon Objects in Austin.  Oh, I could spend hours there- love it! I collected the posters in Paris a couple of years ago…I thought I was tired of them, but they pull the little space together.  The place-mats and napkins are an estate sale find.  In case you were wondering, David is highly supportive of all the shades of coral on the first floor of our house- obviously, he is a keeper. It is a little bit cottage-like for me, but I am just going to keep editing until I am satisfied.  Right now I am just so happy for my mom and David’s help, and I love that it is cozy.  The perfect place for sipping coffee and chatting with family and friends.


  1. This. is. so. beautiful!! I am so jealous, what a great space. And I hear you, I will always need my mom’s input too, no matter how old I am!

  2. Lvoing the nook! The color of the walls is gorgeous! And love the art you have up. Well done :)

  3. I LOVE the placemats! They’re so pretty

    Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I’m off to take a closer look at yours

  4. I know that it isn’t the manliest thing, but I really do love this room… And not just because it is the first one that got fully pulled together!

  5. Hello, happy breakfast nook! I absolutely LOVE that rose light fixture!

  6. Your breakfast nook is so beautiful and charming! I love all the colors and details like the placemats and napkins. It really does look like the perfect place for tea with friends.

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