Chassie Post Loft

chassie post via miles redd

I have not been able to get this loft out of my head recently. I love it when fashion or decor is treated like the fun that it can be, with whimsy and humor… This loft belongs to lifestyle editor Chassie Post and her family and was featured on Billy.

She took some decorating help from her friend,  Miles Redd (uh, yeah). I love the wallpaper in the unexpected space. I also love how it feels both open and lofty but super welcoming. I think that taped up Staffordshire dog says it all. A happy accident that they ended up loving for it’s cheekiness. Something about living in a place that is not my own has me fantasizing and drooling over decorating and I am definitely going to keep this space in mind in the future… click through for the rest of the pics!



  1. Beautiful and inspiring pictures <3

  2. I fell in love with it as well!! So fun and cheery and beautiful.

  3. I love love butterfly wallpaper, but would definitely need some rugs for laying on the floor!! Is my family the only one to use it as a fourth seating area? =)

    • You are SO right… I mean, obviously! I can’t believe I didn’t realize. Oh, I probably sit on the floor more often than not. You def need the floor for game night! xo

  4. Oh my goodness, I have not seen this yet. How odd, I signed up for the Billy newsletter and never even knew it finally launched! Ugh! Thank you for sharing this! I am sooo excited to check it out.

    • I just happened to check back in the other day… I am not sure what is going on with their newsletter. I hope that we hear more from them soon. Glad to see you over here, Erika! xo

  5. Ugh it’s perfection. I don’t know why there is tape on the little dog, but I love it…bc I love it all!!!!! I will have to sign up for this newsletter! xo

    • Haha… they were using it for prop styling, it broke, they taped it back up and never fixed it because they like it. Hilarious and sweet, right? Thank you for coming over here today.

  6. It’s the same with me: once I find something I like, it doesn’t leave my body for a few weeks. Sweaters included; kind of gross? Maybe. Awesome? Totally.

  7. Wow I just fell hard for this space as well! Def pinning. Great blog, I found you via By Bun and am now following :)

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