Hovey Wallpaper for Anthropologie

creep week: decorating with the dead

If you have an aversion to skulls, bones or taxidermy please click away and come back tomorrow. Decorating with the dead, if you have the inclination or stomach for it, can be hauntingly beautiful. And it is addictive. What started with antlers for me is escalating. I will be honest, I haven’t really even tried to grapple with the ethics of taxidermy. The skulls and bones, well that is a different matter altogether.

We were in Austin this past weekend, and I think my sister was more than a little concerned with how I wanted to take everything that was mounted or stuffed. David took it in stride. He has approved the purchase of a hide, and he said we could find a longhorn skull when we move into a new place.


(Photos include the fabulous Hovey sisters, their wallpaper for Anthropologie, and other fabulous dead decorations)



  1. Taxidermy, if you can imagine, isn’t that unheard of where I’m from. I mean, we have deer in excess, so everyone country loves antlers and mounting the heads. My aunt has a ton of skulls like the one you have pictured, and my mom and I even took a trip to a taxidermist a few winters ago…and completely fell in love with a stuffed baby skunk. I would never intentionally kill an animal myself, but I do like how they add something to a room…buy vintage perhaps? I told Ethan before we leave AK I want a moose head.

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