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This post is a wonderland of our favorite furniture finds. Chelsea and I want to play a little game to see if you can distinguish our taste.  One of us is Tweedledee and one is Tweedledum; can you tell who is who?


1. Salvaged Dresser

2. Painted Bias Armchair

3. Essex Dhurrie Ottoman

4. Inlay Wardrobe


1. Desiron Bar Cart

2. Fuzzy Ottoman

3. Maggie Club Chair

4. Butterfield Sofa


  1. My guess: it doesn’t really matter, because you both have fabulous taste! :)

  2. I’m guessing Chelsea is Tweedledee, but I love all these pieces!

  3. My goodness, I love that salvaged dresser!!

    • It is such a great pick! Yay Michelle. The process is cool…the guy collects hundreds of drawers before they come together the way he wants. It’s cool. xo

  4. that leather arm chair needs to be in my life.

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