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I stumbled across one of Meg Kroeker’s photographs on Oh Joy, followed the link, and am in love with her photos.  I honestly do not know much about her except that she uses 35 mm film and a Nikon F3, creates beautiful compositions, and is such a creative inspiration.  She says that her photographs “will be colorful and if I am lucky, interesting or charming. Babies, food, family, the color red, Europe, friends, people in love, weddings, and people laughing with craned necks are my favorite things to shoot.” Enjoy!

“Birds Emerge

“Jeanette and Jordan”

“A Very Important Tree”

“J and Lo Laughing”

“Night Riding”

“Prettiest Baby”


  1. She is certainly inspiring speaking as someone who has oodles to learn about photography. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  2. I am trying to learn more about photography as well and am always looking for more inspiration, so you can be sure there will be more to come. Did you see the Abby Try Again prints as well? AND thank you so much for your comment. It made my day.

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