grey & gold

You all know that I love grey.  I am still as obsessed as ever with grey and pink as a color combo, but looking at the holidays I am really digging grey and gold.  It is so rich looking and you can do so much with textures.

Grey and Gold Inspiration

My Grey and Gold Picks

{ Swash Scarf, Miu Miu Tote, Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Zadig and Votaire Sweater}


  1. Gray + gold is my all time fave combo. That Z&V sweater is so tempting!

  2. I love that grey and gold living room! Just divine. Oh and that sweater?!? I need it!

  3. I am so on board with that gold elbow patched Z&V sweater! looooove! I hope it’s not itchy… thats a no no for me;)

  4. Ooh, I love this! I think you just provided my inspiration for how to decorate my house this Christmas. Add in some little branches with red berries on them, and presto — classic holidays.

  5. I just love this-and I’m with Victoria, I think I’ve found our Christmas wrapping scheme this year!

  6. I LOVE the photo selection Chelsea! Gorgeous gold sequinned jacket and those gold elbow patches on the sweater. Love it all, really! Grey and gold are such an amazing combination, it’s hard to find fault with it.

    x Minty

  7. agreed agreed agreed. loving this combo. was just wondering today if there’s a scheme that can span thanksgiving to post-Christmas winter (you know, for the years i’m lazy), and i think this could do it! add a few hits of this or that per holiday and you’re done.

    thanks! :)

    • I love how you all saw something completely different in the post! I think it could span the season. Just trade our accent gourds for brass deer and red accents! xo

  8. Thanks for coming to “the party!” looks like I’ve got some catchin’ up to do. I think I’ll be here awhile, pour me a cocktail, I’m clickin’ though! muah!!

  9. Chelsea, I love the gray and gold diamond pattern! Gorgeous.

  10. Yum yum and more yum. Such a fab combo, obvs. I love it since it’s all over my house! But that sweater….sigh.

    • I mean, I have the grey in abundance, I have just not really tried the gold pairing, but I will be! xo ps: That sweater is AMAZING. Someone needs to buy it and send me pics.

  11. My favorite combo as well, Not sure I will ever tire of it. Lets hope not at least because my house is covered in it. And I think you may have just helped sell a few sweaters! LOVE xo

  12. Oh I very much like the gold and grey combo as well. Can those be my holiday theme colours?

  13. Kristi

    hey did i ever show u pics of the wedding i was in? My GF jessica, who i lived with in Italy got married a coupld Junes ago and her colors were…. Bright candy apple red…. a warm charcoal grey…. a butter yellowy gold… and lavender. i know it sounds weird… but it was actually beautiful…. and i loved having a bouquet sporting those colors. she had our other costume designer friend make us grey dresses that were re-usable and timeless, and then we got to pick our own red shoes. i of course had red satin 1940′s slingbacks with a peep toe and a HUGE bow on the toe. :)

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