have your cake

As I hustled up the stairs at Tripp’s school my last week of work I stumbled upon the most beautiful gallery of amateur art.  And I mean amateur.  These scrumptious pictures, created using oil pastels and construction paper, were made by the 1st graders at The Kessler School.  I would love a series of them above my kitchen table.  The colors are gorgeous, the cakes look delicious, and I love how the perspective is a little surreal.  The photos were taken on my phone with a two year old in one arm and a five year old tugging on my other hand, so please forgive the quality.  I hope they simply brighten your day as they did mine.  Delightful!


  1. ebuhrfeind

    Great pics. Make me a cake? Love you. e

  2. Your mom

    I love all of the pictures and love hearing about the new places you are exploring. I want to see more of Dixie and Wally!

  3. Yolanda

    Hey Chelsea – love the site! I’ll be checking it all the time. Hope you are well;)

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