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I adore my sister. I am totally jealous of Molly and Sally, and love reading about Joslyn’s daughters growing up as best friends and sisters. I am going to visit her this weekend (yay) and even though she is crazy busy as well, she agreed to pop over here periodically and contribute. I hope that someday we live in the same city again and can collaborate all the time. Enjoy the post, and expect more Katrina goodness soon!  She posted an awesome Christmas craft box wish list, and she is the Pinterest queen, so I am pretty excited… her post is after the jump!

Katrina on Headboards

I love headboards, seriously, I could probably write several posts about headboards and still have more to say and share. I have seen old mirrors, barn doors, framed photos, and canopied fabric all function as headboards. I have always wanted to build my own headboard too but had never had a reason until recently. My honey and me moved and somewhere in the shuffle, we lost some integral pieces needed to reassemble his headboard. We have been keeping an eye for anything we might like on Craigslist, but in the mean time I have been looking over some of my old favorite DIY headboard ideas. Who knows, this might be the push I had been waiting for, now if only I had the space for some serious carpentry.

The header image is all about the shutters. I would paint them all one color and maybe center them a little lower on the wall, but it’s a cute and inexpensive option. Simple assembly too!

For more color pop, and sharp lines I like this headboard .

I tend to prefer more shabby chic in my style, but I think this could be converted to a cute, eye catching “headboard”. With a little framing, extra length, and cutting the pipe to about the width of your bed, it is a cute alternative to a tradition headboard.  Besides, who doesn’t love a little sparkle and bling?

Another alternative to a traditional headboard, very romantic feel. I will probably end up with something similar to this in the end if I make my own. I love the color accent and would probably do a monogram of my initials or paint studs/nails, possibly in a swirl pattern.

I adore the disco headboard and the wooden love painted headboard was one of my first Pins ever. This girl has great taste. Obvi, she is my sister.

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  1. Cute! I personally prefer the whole bed, but these are good ideas!

  2. In light of this embarrassment of headboard riches, it seems blasphemous to admit that John and I have chosen art over headboard!

  3. Oh wow, in love with the had board with hanging lights!!!

  4. I agree, I love a headboard!! Great post :)

  5. opps, pressed submit to quickly! I forgot to say great blog, I’ve subscribed :)

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