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My love of design and vintage jewels collide with Alisa and Jeremy.  He is a jeweler, she is an artist. I love the sweet as pie cinemagraph of the couple by Jamie Beck…

…followed by their lovely house tour as part of the From Me to You “At Home With” series.  I loved this apartment so much I tried to convince David that from now on we always put out mattresses on the floor.  He reminded me of The Great Mouse Invasion Of 2006 (very old building in Boston) and the thought of critters maybe making it onto the bed, no matter how rodent proof our house is now, turned me off a little.  But I am determined to convince him that a little taxidermy is what every home needs.

Aren’t they adorable?
I only included a few pics of the tour, so you should definitely head over here and see the rest.

Ok, if that wasn’t enough lovely for your day, here are some of the gorgeous jewels from Erstwhile Jewelry Co..  I love how Jeremy is a fourth generation jeweler, carrying on tradition.  A fab apartment and a life of art and jewel collecting! Too much.

Cartier Bullion Pendant

Gold Figa Charm Bracelet

Gold Gucci Buckle Bangle

Gold Amethyst Diamond Ring

Victorian Turquoise and Diamond Ring

Aldo Cipullo Cartier Pendant


  1. Ali

    Such lovely pictures!

  2. the starburst ring in the box is amazing! obsessed.

  3. Oh, those photos are so lovely! How warm and sweet their home and love look!

  4. LOVE the cinemagraph, their joy and love is abundant in their lovely home! Have you been gathering some inspiration for your future home too Chelsea? :)


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