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I think my love of Lucite probably stemmed from Domino.  I love Lucite chairs, Lucite coffee tables, Lucite purses…the list goes on and on.  We now have a coffee table ( I know, you can’t wait to see my living room) but when we just had a giant ottoman I went on the search for a Lucite tray to top it.  I adore the ones from iomoi, but they are a budget buster, ranging from $150 to nearly $1,000.   Oh, when I make it big, I will fill my home with their trays and ice buckets; they are hand made and fabulous.  So, I am going to give you some eye candy, but follow it up with some more budget friendly options.

iomoi Lucite Trays

Dabney Lee Lucite Tray

Dabney Lee has some great options ranging between $120-$130.  Love the patterns and the monogramming:

Jonathan Adler Lucite Trays

These Jonathan Adler cuties are slightly friendlier to the wallet- coming in at $98:

Pretty Smitten Lucite Trays

Pretty Smitten has some lovely trays at only $70:

Top image here


  1. I’m a big fan of them myself. I just love the ones you’ve showcased!

  2. im a sucker for lucite as well, and to be honest, i think it really did start with my domino mags! wanted lucite chairs so badly for my wedding, but they were insanely expensive to rent.

    • Right? Oh Domino, I will mourn you the rest of my life. I love those chairs for a wedding too- we aren’t having a formal sit down though, so at least I don’t have to be sad over ghost chairs. xoxo

  3. Shoot. I must have one of these. My wallet is not going to be happy.

  4. Jaw. Dropping. Damn you, Domino!

    • I know…I really think that is where it stems from. I love it so much that David gets excited when we walk into a store and he sees something Lucite. “Babe- look at that chair! Isn’t that Lucite?” xoxo

  5. lucite is totally my new obsession!

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