secrets? a cute stylist? yes please!

Hello friends!  Do you watch Secrets from a Stylist?  I am digging this new season.  David and I have a slight addiction to HGTV- as in, if we spent as much time doing projects as we do watching the channel, our house would be sure to wow.  Anyways, Emily Henderson is a doll.  She is super cute; I love all of her high-waisted jeans this season.  She’s rockin’ a little 70′s flair. And- I think Emily might love a good sheepskin throw as much as I do.  HGTV describes her style as boho-chic, which you know I love.  Anyways, let’s just get to the real fun- her portfolio and my favorite room from the season thus far.

Emily Henderson’s Portfolio

So these are from her portfolio.  I love the eclectic styling.

Favorite Room from the Show

Ok, this is my favorite room so far.  Emily describes it as 70s Funky Elegance.

Gorgeous Sling Chair

And lastly…I am obsessed with these sling chairs I saw on the show.  I want them. Now! I am on the hunt for something similar.

What I found…

Ok, I am still on the hunt for chairs that are identical to this AND affordable (is that demanding? Well, I’m a little bit of a princess).  Here are a few that capture the spirit of the chair. Yes, the spirit.

David’s Selection

I know.


  1. Yes please is right!!! How gorgeous! And that’s definitely my favorite room as well. Thanks for the eye candy this morning :) xoxo

  2. I would love to hire Emily to style my entire home (when I have one of my own that’s not rented), but I actually haven’t seen her show before. Strange, right? I’ve been a big fan for some time too.

  3. ummm…great chair selections!! yes, i adore emily and her styling. she can come by my place anytime….. ox

  4. I love Emily’s styling because it feels very elegant but still inviting. And I completely agree over those chairs, omg! I love that they’re super slouchy. You should try Etsy for something similar.

  5. So very cool! I want a pink sofa!

  6. Hey now! But in fairness to me, I have no sense of interior design style…

  7. I love these rooms, and I LOVE the guest posting idea. Yes, yes, YES-send me an email! {lapetitecoquin at gmail dot com}

  8. Britt+Whit

    love the chandlier! i have been on the hunt for an amazing one!

    love from San Francisco,

    • It is so fabulous. I think chandys are one of the hardest things to shop for…It isn’t hard to find something gorgeous, but gorgeous and affordable- a whole ‘nother challenge. xoxo

  9. mary ab

    i love these! i wish i could still watch it buuut SF comcast does not have hgtv. the horror!!!

  10. I would love to live in the elegance of the 70s! I need that sofa!

  11. I have not seen this! Omg, these pics make me want to go watch it now….putting it in my dvr now. Thanks, so happy I found your blog! xx

    • Get on that, girl- I’ve gotten so many good ideas, and seriously, she is just fun to watch. She had a not so great reveal one time (the home owners’ issues, not her design) and she just ran with it-declaring it the most awkward moment ever! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! xoxo

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