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I have unpacked my apartment (yay!) but I have yet to decorate it.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to put in it.  I have several framed photographs, pretty prints and a crazy amount of knickknacks and tiny boxes.  The issue is that  I am a terrible decision maker and can’t commit easily to putting nails in the walls.  I am waiting for my mom’s visit and her expert eye (photos of her house soon to come!) to spread the love. In the meantime I am looking around for both inspiration and some great buys.  After seeing these prints on Oh Joy, the Neo Traditionalist, and countless other blogs I too have fallen head over heels for them.  These photographs are by Abby Try Again and are so beautiful and soft.  I am personally craving the pie picture. Check out Abby’s blog for her musings and even more gorgeous photos.  And, if you have any other suggestions for home decor (prints, wall decor, stools or rugs all still needed in my new home!) please leave me a comment!


  1. I’d love to see your walls or space to comment! Of course, if you have already decided, would love to see it too! Best of luck.

    • Definitely. I wrote that post when we were living in our old apartment, and now that we are in the house I could really use some advice. I’ll post up a blank space I am having issues with as soon as I am back home- so next week. I am excited- I really want the blog to be a forum, and it sounds like you are ready to jump on board. Love it! xoxo

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