I am loving SWALLOWFIELD‘s  illustrations by Jennifer Judd-McGee.  I adore flowers in any shape or form and find these perfectly boho-chic, graphic and fun. Be sure to check out Jennifer’s blog too. Here is a peek!

Yellow House

Brown Vase

Gray Buds

The Gladdest Thing

Bloom and Grow

Summer Flowers

A Room of One's Own

{Top image from Swallowfield, “Tell My Love the Secret}


  1. Lissy

    Oh my, I love these!

  2. definitely boho-chic–so pretty! thanks for stopping by :) have a great Monday! xoxo {av}

  3. wow they have so much detail- :)

  4. these comments are fantastic … thank you so much for your sweet comments on http://www.bellissimostyle.net!!

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  6. I love these flowers! gorgeous:)

  7. sheesh. these are beautiful.

  8. How absolutely charming-they remind me of Tomie dePaola illustrations!

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