wedded bliss day 2

Today I’m so excited to have Jacquelyn of Lark and Linen over on Buckets and Bunches. I’ve been a long time follower of her blog and was thrilled when she agreed to write as part of this week’s blog series. Her style is timeless and perfectly suits the concept of everlasting love. Enjoy!

everlasting love

While a part of my job as an Interior Designer entails keeping up with the trends, it irks me when said trend goes out of style leaving your space feeling “so two thousand and ten” (read: I have a black and white stripped wall that I’m dying to paint over already). Whenever I’m on the hunt for a trendy piece (be it furniture or clothing) I make sure that it’s something that can easily be undone. Whether it’s an inexpensive throw pillow cover or a cheap diy (hi stripped wall!), there are ways to stay current without feeling guilty when it’s time to update your space. When it comes to big investments, I tend to save up and spend my money on good quality, classic items that will last throughout the times. The following are a few stunning pieces that will surely remain that way for years to come.

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Header image via Modern Design


  1. Jacquelyn has such a great eye! Love this classic collection.

  2. Gorgeous finds, love the Kenton Sorensen iPad leather portfolio, gorgeous!
    x kat

  3. I love this post, and it’s making me giggle, just thinking about the one I emailed you today! I guess your guest bloggers found a common theme-classics!

  4. Corinna

    I agree with that philosophy. It is better to stick with classic items that will outlast any fad.

  5. I love that the overall feel/color of this post veers toward rose gold. So pretty!! Was that intentional, Jacq???

  6. Thank you for introducing me to Pot + Pantry! Their entire shop is pure perfection…

  7. Thanks so much for having me Chelsea!

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