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Fog Linen

shop fog linen

I discovered shop fog linen’s linen coated trays through (wait for it ) Josyln. Ah yes. So many discoveries through Simple Lovely. That is what happens with a good eye and carefully edited sharing. We can all learn a great deal from that fabulous lady. Anyways, the trays… Read more…

my flower girl’s bday

Happy birthday to Ruby! Sweetness, I used to nanny for Ruby and her totally rad brother, Tripp.  I didn’t just love the kids though, Yolanda, their mom, is fabulous, loves vampires and fashion.  She is amazeballs.  The fit with the entire family was perfection.  Anyways, we were back in Dallas this weekend, so we went to Rube’s party. I may be seriously plotting working for them again. Would anyone like to rent a house in Houston? Read more…

black friday + lovely links

I hope all you Americans’ had a wonderful turkey day!  For all my non-American friends, we all made it to Friday! Yay!  First a peek at our Thanksgiving and don’t miss the links below (black Friday goodies).
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Table Setting

This weekend David and I got back from our trip and went right back into wedding mode.  We started the registry process, and wow. It really is a process.  I had heard that it is a little overwhelming, but I really just thought, how can shopping not be fun?  We eventually started feeling a little crazed and at one point paraded around in matching bathrobes. Yes friends, it got silly. I think that we managed to pick out our place-settings.  We were going for classic mixed with quirky.  If you have advice or anything you received that you can’t live without that should be on a registry be sure to let me know! Oh, and those gorgeous Amy Merrick flowers?  I picture myself getting married and filling the house with amazing flower arrangements.

Kate Spade Wickford Collection

Anthropologie Rediscovered Flatware

BHLDN Roseate Napkins

Williams-Sonoma Siena Glass Tumblers

{Top Image Amy Merrick}

can’t stop thinking about…

…the image above.  It is from a wedding I saw a while ago on Style Me Pretty.  I love the combination of southwest kitsch and vintage.  This setting could make for a gorgeous dinner party, and if you want to take it into fall just pick richer colors and add a runner with a Navajo feel.

{ 1. Studio Choo flowers, 2. Brass roadrunner, 3.  Brass cactus, 4.  Navajo rug, 5. Mason jars, 6. Milkglass (just search Etsy or any antique store), 7.  Amy Merrick (for this look keep the flowers loose and a little wild), 8. Oh, Hello Friend invitation, 9.  Anthropologie Lodestar Lantern }

oh football season, back so soon?

Let me preface this by saying if there is food, booze, friends or a team I actually care about, I can kinda get into football.  I wish I loved it.  I’m from Texas, I feel like a love for the game should run in my blood.  I love the camaraderie, but a game, especially on television, just can’t hold my focus.  So while David enjoys his football, I have created a guide for surviving the season.  This is noticeably an indoor guide, and for two reasons.  The first is that David is only home on the weekends, so when he is watching the game we still want to spend time together.  Even if that means just sitting cozy together doing separate activities.  Secondly, today is was 102 degrees…It is just not time to play outside quite yet.  So, here it is:

Football Season Survival Guide

  1. Read. You all know I have a terrible television addiction, so this is the perfect time to catch up on my reading.  First on my list, Great House by Nicole Krauss.  More suggestions, friends?

  2. Catch up on correspondence.  During a busy week, I hardly ever get my thank you notes, cards, etc. finished.  I usually get as far as picking out a card…I am naturally a hoarder, and cute stationery is definitely abounding in this girl’s house.  The writing, addressing, and postmarking usually never happen.   It is time, friends. Expect mail.

  3. Invent a signature drink. I have been meaning to make this happen for a while.  On the other hand, how will I top this cake batter martini?

  4. Bake! I love to bake.  I have yet to make whoopie pies or macaroons, and I am ready for the challenge.

  5. Paint my nails. I mean, there are always new colors and interesting nail art to try.  Plus, for me, painting my nails becomes rather zen-like. I like this about it.

  6. DIY. Design Sponge at Home arrived today and I can’t wait to start some of the fabulous projects inside.  I have also been bookmarking DIY projects all summer that I haven’t gotten around to, but look amazeballs, so I am ready to get my craft on.

  7. Plan a dinner party. Our house is finally starting to come together and I am excited to have friends over for dinner.  Luckily, my friend Tyler has agreed to be my partner in crime, so I will have amazing help with planning, and most importantly, cooking!


How do you survive football season?  Do you love to watch a good game, or do you have any great ways to make the most of your weekend, while staying in with the people you love?


I have had these photos saved in my inspiration folder since I saw them on The Neo Traditionalist.   This lovely table-scape was crafted by Eddie Ross, who said it was inspired by pink peonies and orange ranunculus.  For more of my ongoing ikat obsession see these clutches and these pillows.

a very special day

August 15 is a very special day in my world- birthday to three of my favorite people.  Happy birthday to my dad and my lovely friends Lissy and Michelle.  I wish I could be there with each of you…but I promise gifts and love and birthday champagne a plenty.

Dad- You have been amazing this year, so supportive and helpful.  I love the time we got to spend together, even if the circumstances were sometimes odd.   I love you so much.  Thank you.  Just, thank you.

Lissy- My little love!  We are coming up on eleven years of friendship which includes singing Les Miserables and Shakira on road trips, frozen yogurt eating, and millions of hours of lounging on the couch watching movies and chatting.  I love you to pieces and can’t wait for this to be a fabulous year for you.

Michelle- I am thinking back to one of those first times working together where we confessed our love for each other and asked each other out on girl dates.  There was no turning back.  I can never thank you enough for your support.  Have a wonderful birthday and a great year.

belated weekend post

Original post name, right? I know, I know. It’s late and it has a great title. But this weekend was so nice. Here it is in pictures…From cleaning and shopping before my mom arrived, to enjoying a little wine and Mad Men once she arrived.  My mom, what can I say. She is so much fun, it is so nice to see her, and she helped me finish decorating the breakfast nook (pictures coming momentarily) . And obviously, my dogs had missed her.

Shopping silliness with David, Ramona wine (any Real Housewives fans out there?  I took a picture, and these adorable guys walked by, looked at what I was doing, and go “Oh, Ramona! Pinot!”)

Cooking dinner- I got a sweet deal, David cooked and I read House Beautiful.

My mom arrives, and we just chill.

This is my favorite shopping find of the weekend! Um, could you resist a soft-serve cone cookie jar?

weekend love

This weekend was fabulous.  My sister came in from Austin to visit us, and we made big plans, which we then largely ignored.  Take out Friday night, followed by marathon napping midday Saturday (what can I say?  David worked and traveled, Katrina had summer classes and then drove it, and me? Well, I might be narcoleptic).  We eventually rallied and went out for drinks at Under the Volcano.  Following some gorgeous and satisfying beverages, including a Mojito, a couple of Tom Collins-es, a strawberry-basil margarita and Katrina’s first Bloody Marry, we headed over to my favorite Italian joint, Dolce Vita.  On Sunday we ventured out again to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. We gave it mixed reviews, and nearly died walking from the parking lot to the theater. It. Was. Hot.  I love having Katrina visit.  She is hysterical and sweet and she and David have such a good relationship.  We all have so much fun together- the car dance party was epic! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as I did.  What kind of adventures did you happen upon?

P.S. I promise David was having fun.  He just doesn’t love posing for pictures.  This is the start of immersion therapy leading up to the wedding!