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dogs, pastels, and smiles

My grandmother loved dogs. When you walked into the living room of her Oklahoma City house it was immediately obvious.  After the smell of mothballs and perfume, the next thing you couldn’t help but notice was the dog theme.  There were several framed portraits hung above her couch.  The largest picture, in the most ornate frame, was a sketch of a poodle.  The dog portrait was at least twice as big as the photos of her children that held court with the poodle on that wall.  It used to drive me crazy when she was over at our house and would wander in front of the tv to talk to our wheaten terrier.  If a dog was in the room, it was, under no uncertain terms, the focus of her attention.  Read more…


Silly Wally, Mommy’s fancy bedding is for people.  He was sleeping with me last night, but decided to take advantage of the unmade bed that apparently was just calling to him and settled on the pillow pile. So I woke up and saw this happening.  He actually looked into my eye, challenging me.  I wasn’t too thrilled, but I was happy he went back to sleep so I could get some extra shuteye. And he is just so freakin’ adorable.
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Hello friends.  Today I have a big, indulgent wish list!

I wish I was wearing this (and maybe frolicking like that):

With these Cartier Love Bracelets:

With this fab hair:

And these amazing nails:

Eating these chocolate chip waffle cookies, Yum!
{Top image: Confetti System, edited by me}

for the pups

My little Dixie has been wearing the cupcake collar from Bella Bean Couture since she was a tiny pup! We are on round two currently, and for her birthday she is asking  for a new collar, clearly my girl Dixie has style.   This post is guaranteed to make you happy. Cute pups, snazzy collars…so feast your eyes! Do you have pets? Are they decked out to the nines?

good dogs gone wild

Don’t worry.  I promise they are secured in.