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counting down

Well, the reviews are trickling in for The Great Gatsby. It opens May 10, and in honor of Baz and Leo I will be watching Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Strictly Ballroom, Titanic, and The Aviator. Read more…


john krasinski and emily blunt via terry richardson

Honestly… I spent the whole weekend with my sister and then thoroughly engrossed in the Golden Globes, so I don’t have anything elaborate planned for B&B this morning.

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downton abbey…

Downton Abbey returns to television in the US this evening. I devoured season two in about three evenings this summer on my iPad.

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my valentine

On this blog I really strive to bring you original content. However, sometimes I see something so compelling (or sparkly) that I just have to share it. Read more…

moonrise kingdom

Call me a hipster. Whatever. I can’t wait to see Moonrise Kingdom… Read more…

must see documentaries

You might have noticed I have been knocked off my feet for two weeks, sick in bed.  Ah yes, it sounds delightful, right?  Spending all your time watching TV, reading, sleeping, shopping online. Well, it’s not.  I started to develop cabin fever pretty quickly.  When your head hurts and you feel like crap, your book or movie has to be really engrossing to keep your attention off pathetic self-pitying thoughts.  In case you find yourself in this predicament, here are 15 awesome documentaries to try out.  Most of these aren’t that recent, but they are tried and true. Please tell me, what are your favorites?
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weekend treat

louis vuitton animated short

Oh, this video is just, eh-hem, charming.  I know, I know, that pun was terribly painful.  Seriously, my dad is a pun master and they just come to me.  I put a great deal of brainpower into not spewing out every pun that comes to mind.  If you are still reading, thank you.  I stumbled across this new animated short, The Great Journey of Little Bagcharms, via The Style Caster.  Created to honor the release of their new balloon charm, the video is stylish, spunky, and best of all includes mountains of googly eyes.  This happy little 2 minute 40 second video gives the prefect little dose of creative fun to a very traditional brand.  Happy viewing and I hope you are having a great weekend.

i die

Obviously my goal in life is to be a diva.  The trickiest question for me?  Would I rather be Lea Michele or Beyonce?  Both super divas, amazing singers, star of stage and screen…Sophie’s choice.  I’m seriously. The other night the stars aligned to bring Lea and Chris Colfer to my dream bestie, Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens: Live. Oh, what a crowd.   I die.  It’s probably disturbing how much Bravo I watch.  Anyways, I think we can all agree Lea is killing it in this dress.  It’s Jenny Packham, and amazing.
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“i don’t hang out in the sun”

Oh, Alexander Skarsgard, you and I can hang out in the shade whenever you want…

a little rant

So, this is not my typical post, but a happy little rant about a vampire and a girl obsessed with television:  Well my friends, True Blood is wrapping up on Sunday. Yes, I agree it is a tragedy.   I spent quite a bit of time being self-indulgent, pouting and wailing when this last episode ended. Here is how it  went down: the end credits start rolling, they announce that the next episode would be the last of the season, and I drop to the floor  groaning “noooo.”  This is followed by crying, shaking my fist asking, “why?”, and more yelling of “no”. David observes and says, “Babe, are you being  a little dramatic?”  “No,” I insist. “In fact, this is not dramatic enough.”

At this point you might be worried about me and my sick attachment to television.  I want to tell you not to worry. I do in fact leave the house…but in reality it is a combination of HBO, Bravo and HGTV that have gotten me through this HOT summer, with David away and most of my friends busy.  Well OK, let’s not forget about Mad Men on Netflix as well…

one fine swede

Let’s get back to Alexander Skarsgard.  It doesn’t matter if you love Bill (which I do) or if you root for Eric (which I also do) there is no denying Alexander’s looks and cool sense of style.  And when I say cool sense of style, I mean on and off the show.  There is nobody, and I mean nobody, who can pull of a deep v-neck skin-tight t-shirt like Eric.  In his recent In Style interview, Alexander said, “I’m interested in fashion … I do most of my shopping in Sweden. You can find more stuff there.”  This, I love.

He also talks about his party style, saying “There are a lot of Swedes in Los Angeles, and I have a yearly party where I make my own glogg, which is a Swedish recipe for hot, mulled wine. People get pretty intoxicated because glogg is stronger than they think it is — so it’s usually a pretty damn good party.”  I am picturing him making glogg and am finding it adorable.   Most importantly, this Swedish hunk talks sunscreen.  Apparently he uses Epicuren.  I guess mixing a tan with vampire makeup makes you look greyish in complexion.  I’m just happy he is preserving those good looks.

{Quotes and Photos via InStyle Magazine, Matthew Kristall, and}

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