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play dress up every day

Disclaimer: I do not know what is happening in these photos. I found them on one of my favorite blogs, Jak and Jil. Read more…


back “home”

Hello Monday. Well, I am back in Dallas, in my summer home.  The last two weeks David and I spent almost every day together. Read more…

two silly girls let loose on Charleston

I took approximately one million pictures in Charleston. Today I am presenting the first batch- Lissy and I, having fun and bein’ silly.

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back in town

Charleston was an absolute delight. The city, quaint and sweet, provided Lissy and I with endless amounts of biscuits and fun. It was so nice to have a girl’s trip and I can’t wait to share the rest of the trip. Read more…

jet setter

I am beyond excited to be traveling to both Charleston and Chicago in May.  I am heading to Charleston with my lovely friend Lissy for a quick little trip that we are over the moon about.  After that I am headed to Chicago with David.  I’ll stay in Deerfield with him during the week and then we will stay in Chicago over the weekend.  Lissy and I have been digging through the archives of Everyday Musings to make sure we have a proper list of places to go and dine in Charleston.  Olivia is such a Charleston devotee and her blog makes the city seem so delightful. Read more…

wedded bliss day 3

Victoria and I were instant blog buds, and luckily cemented our friendship at Alt. Victoria is amazing…for example, she was thinking about leaving her day job when we were at Alt.  She thought about it all weekend, went home, had a serious talk with her fiance, and then she did it.  She took the plunge.  Victoria is creative and a go-getter.  She is so impressive to me.  She launched her new business, Vivaleur, and you must check it out.  A jack of all trades, Victoria offers everything from menu planning to design.  Seriously, love that girl. xo

my best day ever

Hey B&Bers! I’m stoked to be here guesting on behalf of Chelsea as she finalizes all the little details to walk down the aisle!
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on my way

Today I am on my way to Alt., or Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City.  I am looking forward to experiencing some winter, meeting fabulous bloggers, and learning so much more about the lifestyle and business of blogging.  I am not going to lie, I am a little nervous.  All the ladies (and gents) attending seem fabulous with larger than life personalities and I am nervous about the dinners, parties, and socializing.  On the other hand, I am over the moon excited!  Especially to meet my roomies, Victoria and Molly.  Speaking of Victoria, I am so thrilled to be over on VMac & Cheese today in her Behind the Scenes series.  Check it out! Read more…

honeymoon self portraits

Enjoy some of these shots we took!
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guest post: victoria {vmac & cheese}

Last, but far from least, in my guest post week-long extravaganza is Victoria, from VMAC & Cheese! Talk about kindred spirits! She and I share a lot of similarities in our taste and style, so I know you are going to love what she envisions for a Parisian outing. Without further ado, here is Victoria:
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guest post: dana {the dream bed}

I know you will enjoy Dana.  She is my Blogshop buddy and writes a beautiful, thoughtful and creative blog.  Enjoy! xo

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packing inspiration

I always want to look and feel fabulous on vacation, but having Paris as a destination definitely puts the pressure on a bit.  Here was my packing inspiration.  Cliche? Maybe. Classic? I would like to hope.
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a day in: Morocco

Ok, more like one glamorous night in Morocco.  But still, we should always aim for fabulous in my mind.  I love these bold colors, the python print, and the awesome shawl is both cute and useful for covering the shoulders when needed.  Anyone want to join me in my fantasy trip to Morocco?

Also, be sure to check out Lena‘s gift guide series starting today! She let me have some fun designing the layouts and I am excited for the first of five, today. xo

1 Eavesdropping Scarf

2 Alkemie Bracelets

3 Satin Palazzos

4 Dune Dust Wafer Earrings

5 Python-print Silk Tank

6 Buckle Slingback Bootie

a day in: Paris

Friends, today I am introducing “A Day In,” a series of posts on dream outfits for dream traveling.  Since I am leaving for Paris soon, I thought I would start of with that magical city! Thank you Michelle, for sending me the boots that started the whole outfit. xo

{EarmuffsPeacock SweaterWool and Cashmere Blend Coat, Current Elliot JeansZowie Boots}

{top image here}

wedding planning: off topic

So, I didn’t actually do much wedding planning for myself this week, but my sister and I talked about wedding concepts that she loves.   This is some inspiration for Katrina’s someday wedding.  The idea is a little rough, but rustic-bohemian-butterfly-whimsy is what we have going on right now…with a little Parisian flare sprinkled in.  All images are in the “Chelsea Has Control Issues” board on Pinterest.

a little more chicago

Here are some more random pics from Chicago…I figured your could see architecture pictures almost anywhere, so I kept them fairly personal!
David and I went on some early morning walks, spotting deer and every so often, a very special man who ran barefoot.

At the bar before meeting David’s co-workers, who were so much fun! It was so nice to put faces to the names of the people David spends every week in Chicago with.  I figured showcasing my earrings was super important…also my lambic.

Here we are at the Ravinia Festival, where we watched Lord of the Rings on a huge screen outdoors while a choir sang and the Chicago symphony played.  It was so gorgeous outside, which kinda made up for how long Lord of the Rings is.

We did venture into Chicago (see our lovely hotel here).  First up, this is me at “The Bean”

This is David’s “Zoolander” face…he might not appreciate this- but we are here to entertain you!

While wandering around, a little lost, I found these trees. I liked them…not sure what they are about, but they put me in a fall mood.

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