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sally field.

Always and forever.

2 rununc pink and black


Last week I bought a few bunches of ranunculus that have been blooming and smiling like crazy. Fresh flowers just make such a difference. We are going to personalize this space a little (more on this soon) but for now the color and attitude of the blooms is dictating so much. Oh, and I took about a million photos of them. Ha. Hope you are into that.


i go out walking

When I go out walking it is way before midnight because, well, you know. I am a basically a grandma. I am loving my long rambling walks around Seattle. These are from a walk down to Pike Place Market… Read more…



Templeton design via Desire to Inspire

More photos at

floral art

Via The Artful Desperado. This project is rad.

purple mountain

road trip part 1

Two and a half weeks ago my sister and I arrived in Seattle. We were slightly delirious, I was about two hours away from one of the worst stomach viruses of my life, and we were slightly hoarse from singing musicals in the car, but we had made it. We drove from Dallas to Seattle over the course of 4 days… Read more…


miss b.’s fotos

I love Besotted Blog. I love Tristan’s photography challenges. So many of her photos are moving, thoughtful, intricate. I love that she is so honest about her process. This photo, of her pup on it’s bday, just makes me smile. I hope you smile, too.


Delpozo RTW Fall 2013

Of course I dream of attending fashion week in New York… obvi. Thank goodness for twitter/instagram/vine/pinterest/blogging. NYFW is more accessible than it has ever been. This weekend as I was drooling on my computer and following along with all that goodness, I came across the Delpozo show on Kelly’s feedRead more…