a very rifle christmas

Rifle Paper Co. pulled out all the stops for their holiday collection.  I love it all, but the wrapping paper especially is killing me.  Do you love it?  Or do you love it?

BTW, I am in retail, so Christmas seems perfectly appropriate.  Sorry if it is a little early!  I will admit I started playing my Christmas tunes even before Halloween this year and I am trying to organize a family sing-a-long.  No shame.


  1. I love their products!! The Seasons Greeting card is my fave!

  2. Oh my goodness, I cannot get enough of Rifle Paper. I’m getting so indecisive around holiday cards as well…

  3. Last year I sent out the cutest holiday cards from Rifle. I bought them at Anthropologie and was so smitten with them! I even have a few leftover. I love everything they do!

  4. So cute!!! I was just thinking about what my theme would be for this holiday. And these would fit perfectly for one of the ones I’m considering :) xoxo

  5. Rifle has the absolute BEST stuff! Love their Christmas collection.

  6. I do love love love it! I love anything they do and cant have enough of her beautiful and whimsical designs


  8. I totally used to do the same, listen to Christmas music before Halloween. The holiday season is too short,I say. But this year time is flying by too quickly and I actually don’t want it to pass by!

  9. I adore that paper–there’s something so retro about it. & you can’t go wrong with deer.

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