crowned: two sisters and a tutorial

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented on our news about moving to Seattle yesterday. I love the support and the suggestions. Now, for today.

A few weekends ago, when my sister was in town, we decided that we just had to make crowns to wear for our February birthdays. Mine is the 2nd, and Katrina’s is the 19th, if you were curious. I’m Aquarius, obvi, and Katrina is on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. Aka, confused. It turns out that we loved them so much we are already sporting them. It kinda just makes you feel fancy and special. Katrina wore hers to pick up donuts with David. I have been wearing mine around the house. I have plans to make one for Ruby, who also has a February birthday. We followed this tutorial, which was super simple. You only need fabric stiffener, crocheted lace, paint, E6000 and a paint brush or sponge. This project is perfect for a day at home, because the rounds of fabric stiffener take a while to complete. Katrina painted hers solid gold and then glittered the shit out of it. I went for ombre. My crown actually was stiff enough so that it stood up, but I could reverse it. So I had one bold side, and one subtler look. Love it.

I tend to act like I am five with my sister. I usually insist on clobbering her. Also, I wanted to model my crown on my butt. Why? Who knows.


  1. This is AMAZING.

  2. Ha, I may not have mastered bokeh, but I’ve got some lens flare going on!

  3. Omg too freakin cute! LOVE the way they turned out!

  4. Okay, I love a great headpiece and these are fabulous! I must, must, MUST make these!!

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