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It has been a year now since I started packing for what I thought would be a three month stay in Dallas… We were living in Houston, I moved into the family’s garage apartment whose kids I was a nanny for. After that summer we decided to leave Houston and move back to Dallas. We put all of our things (I mean, seriously, almost everything) into storage. An inaccessible pod storage. From September to March I lived with my mom, in a room I hadn’t decorated dreaming about how I would decorate when I moved out. Then we got the (awesome) opportunity to move to Seattle and live in a corporate rented and furnished apartment.

Everything in this apartment is pretty basic except some horrific pillows and “artsy” landscape photos. I am dying. I spend so much time in the apartment and it is so bland. I have a major itch to decorate. I have been wildly pinning inspirational spaces. Living like this for so long now has really helped me realize which pieces of ours I love and which pieces I can live without. I am a little mixed on my dream aesthetic, but I know that I want a thoughtful space. I am giving the apartment a few key accessories to help it out, and when I am finished I will share it with you. For now, here is a smattering of looks I love. It is a random ass assortment. But that is how my mind feels right now.  A little random.

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  1. All solid inspiration! I have been feeling the same way about our apartment (for me, there isn’t enough STUFF). This trip home has been spent coming up with projects that will add some extra oomph to our Alaska place. Good luck on your ventures!

  2. Holy twins, I have a brass bug that just won’t quit! The coffee table in that penultimate photo is my DREAM.

  3. Oh I love all of those pictures so much. It must take AGES to create those spaces!

    Please move back to Houston.

  4. that first picture is my dream. totally feel you on feeling the struggle of being ok with your space while you dream of the perfect, totally you space – you’ll get there!

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