guest post: molly {a piece of toast}

Isn’t it a lovely day for a guest post? The rest of this wonderful week while I am honeymooning will be filled with guest posts from some of my favorite gals. Please welcome Molly, from A Piece of Toast. She’s here to share a little love about quilling; spoiler alert, it is phenomenal! Take it away, Molly:

Quilling Masterpieces – Perfect for the Holiday Season

A creative coworker recently introduced me to quilling art while we were discussing options for our company’s annual Holiday card. I had seen paper masterpieces like these before, but I definitely didn’t know there was a name for this type of work, and I definitely didn’t know how incredible the possibilities were… All the work you see was created by Yulia Brodskaya, an innovative artist who is world renowned for her artistic talents both in paper and other mediums. Aren’t they stunning? As you can see, many of the quilled designs she creates are photographed and used for printed advertisements, magazine covers, etc. Pretty great idea for a Holiday card, right?

Creating Your Own Quilling Masterpiece

If you have a steady hand with an exacto knife and an affinity for labor intensive crafting, quilling might be something you want to explore… Just a quick Google search revealed tons of references for how to create designs. And hey, if crafting isn’t your thing, hopefully you can just appreciate the beauty of paper artwork!

{All quilling pieces via Yulia Brodskaya; Top image via}


  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine the amount of time and skill it takes to create these! Spectacular!

  2. This is so flippin amazing. DYING over the Hermes quilling. So beautiful!!!!! I can barely cut a straight line with an Xacto knife so…I’ll just sit back and admire.

  3. I almost can’t believe mere mortals can do this-how amazing!

  4. Thanks again for having me, Chelsea! Hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon :) )

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