happy menocal

Here is some Happy Menocal for you this morning, to wish you a happy Monday…

I am sure you have noticed Happy’s work. Maybe while perusing Jonathan Adler, while flipping through your favorite magazine, or even an advertisement. In an interview from 2011 she says that she finds inspiration from trolling Facebook (yay! There is hope for me) and that she “likes things (people, animals, even objects) that have a proud, self-serious way about them. I find it funny and also very touching.” Happy creates custom pet portraits that I just about die for. Here is what she has to say about them:
“My favorite thing is painting people’s pets. The whole commission process gives me this intimate snapshot of both animal and owner. I get a lot of sweet, handwritten thank-you notes. I find that people who love animals are usually very kind to people, also. The whole thing is just folksy and nice.”

I love the custom heraldry that she creates as well. It is so whimsical and I just love the idea of starting your family out with a sense of fancy purpose.

Last, but not least, some self-serious people and things. I would not be adverse to receiving that cheeky Marie Antoinette for my upcoming birthday.


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