max wanger

I can, and have, literally spent hours browsing through Max Wanger’s photography. Feeling uninspired? I promise you will be cured of it after even a little time of browsing. I love the sense of magic, whimsy and heart that can be found in all of his photos- from his wedding shoots to his editorial work. His travel photos could convince me to go anywhere.
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Here are some of my favorite sessions, rounded up for your viewing pleasure.

I am obsessed with these portrait shoots 1 2 3

These creative shots of cliff diving sky and rainbows  studio work

Family portraits 2   3

Weddings 1 2 3 5

And of course, Hawaii


  1. I’m a huge fan of Max Wanger’s work…it’s so whimsical and pretty!

  2. Isn’t he the greatest? I first fell in love with his work about 4 years ago while planning my wedding and was lucky enough to have him capture our day. AMAZING.

  3. So crazy gorgeous.

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