nathalie boutte

Well, frazzled is how I feel today.  First of all, Thanksgiving is next week and I work the day before and after.  That is followed by our honeymoon…which is thrilling, but it always seems like there are so many loose ends to tie up before leaving town.  Michelle and I are working on some exciting projects, that I can’t wait to share with you.  I am working two retail jobs during the holidays and I feel like there is one other thing…OH YEAH, the wedding.  I love all of these projects, the travel, my friends, my man, but it can all be a bit overwhelming.  Does it sound like I am whining? Ugh, sorry.  Here is something beautiful to make up for my mini-rant.

My french is a little rusty, but I think these works by Nathalie Boutte are made of recycled and re-purposed paper.  If anyone knows more, fill me in.  I love these pieces…hope you enjoy them.


  1. Oh darling, it doesn’t sound like you’re whining, it sounds like you’re busier than all get out! Take some time to yourself (find it, okay?) and remember-it’ll all be over soon!


  2. Hi,
    My english is probably more rusty than your french but I can give you the information you were looking for…
    the first work is made of bold white paper, ink and gold leaves. The others are made of tracing paper. The only one made of recycling material is the single wing made of plastic bag. I am very touched that you like them.

  3. Ah, great minds do think alike! How sweet that she commented! xo

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