oh football season, back so soon?

Let me preface this by saying if there is food, booze, friends or a team I actually care about, I can kinda get into football.  I wish I loved it.  I’m from Texas, I feel like a love for the game should run in my blood.  I love the camaraderie, but a game, especially on television, just can’t hold my focus.  So while David enjoys his football, I have created a guide for surviving the season.  This is noticeably an indoor guide, and for two reasons.  The first is that David is only home on the weekends, so when he is watching the game we still want to spend time together.  Even if that means just sitting cozy together doing separate activities.  Secondly, today is was 102 degrees…It is just not time to play outside quite yet.  So, here it is:

Football Season Survival Guide

  1. Read. You all know I have a terrible television addiction, so this is the perfect time to catch up on my reading.  First on my list, Great House by Nicole Krauss.  More suggestions, friends?

  2. Catch up on correspondence.  During a busy week, I hardly ever get my thank you notes, cards, etc. finished.  I usually get as far as picking out a card…I am naturally a hoarder, and cute stationery is definitely abounding in this girl’s house.  The writing, addressing, and postmarking usually never happen.   It is time, friends. Expect mail.

  3. Invent a signature drink. I have been meaning to make this happen for a while.  On the other hand, how will I top this cake batter martini?

  4. Bake! I love to bake.  I have yet to make whoopie pies or macaroons, and I am ready for the challenge.

  5. Paint my nails. I mean, there are always new colors and interesting nail art to try.  Plus, for me, painting my nails becomes rather zen-like. I like this about it.

  6. DIY. Design Sponge at Home arrived today and I can’t wait to start some of the fabulous projects inside.  I have also been bookmarking DIY projects all summer that I haven’t gotten around to, but look amazeballs, so I am ready to get my craft on.

  7. Plan a dinner party. Our house is finally starting to come together and I am excited to have friends over for dinner.  Luckily, my friend Tyler has agreed to be my partner in crime, so I will have amazing help with planning, and most importantly, cooking!


How do you survive football season?  Do you love to watch a good game, or do you have any great ways to make the most of your weekend, while staying in with the people you love?


  1. All of these ideas sound amazing!! I am such a reader and have always dreamed about dinner parties of my own =) And those comfy pants look perfect for a day of football with the guy.

  2. this is awesome. unfortunately, i spend football season in sports bars drinking beer, so you are going to be WAY more productive than me! ;)

    • If I loved football, I would totes do the same…and we will see how much of this comes to fruition. Though, now that I have shared it with ya’ll, I feel a little added pressure. xo

  3. What fabulous ideas you have in store!! I need to catch up more on my reading, as well!! Those book spines are gorgeous!!

  4. LOVE these ideas! I always go with reading or crafting:) My bf is die hard into tennis and the us open was recently on ALL the time at our place! I started on my honestly…wtf diy friendship bracelets!!

  5. Chelsea! I feel ya girl! I’m a proud Texan but find it difficult to enjoy football, especially on TV. I suggest making David get out of the house for a few games so you can order a bucket of beers and people watch at a bar. Make sure the bar is not too “sporty”, because then you will just be annoyed by the football fans. It has to have the right mix. Ordering a bucket of beer is really fun, and ensures that you will not be left waiting for the next round.
    Who else was a little hopeful the NFL lockout controversy would not be resolved??

  6. haha this is one awesome little survival guide! love your suggestions, especially the nails – and the DL fall collection is ah-mazing : )

  7. i loooooooooooooove football season!!! like, it’s borderline unnatural for a femme. my husband does not get into it at all – unless i drag him to a game, which he’ll go along with because, you know, he loves me and all. my family still gets together most sundays to watch our fave teams. i used to follow it a lot more than i do now, but i still love to have it on while i’m working or cleaning or whatever. the perfect white noise for me!

    BUT i would get down with any of these activities as well. in fact, these could be my “when husband watches the history or science channel” activities :)

  8. This completely cracked me up. Our big fall plans so far? Football, football and a trip to Tulsa to watch more football. At least now that I understand what on Earth they’re talking about when someone shouts, “First and ten!”

  9. I love your tips! Great ways to survive the huge amount of games on every week. That drink is adorable and I would love to finally make whoopie pies. Definitely make the macarons, they take a but of time, but are so worth it in the end.

    • Thank you so much for commenting! Are there any tricks I should know when it comes to macarons?

      • Stephanie

        I’m about to try making these too for a bridal shower for a friend. I just bought about 5 books on them all with various tips so I will let you know if I find any that work. All I can say is one book did say they can drive you insane but to be patient! Oh and I love your tips, I know I get bored during the games too. I have a plan to start refurbing some furniture as soon as it cools down here!

  10. I’ve found I can get more into football once I understand what’s going on. To do this, it helps to watch Sportscenter while running at the gym. This accomplishes two things: I find out more about how football is played and watching all those guys running encourages me to run a little faster. That said, I’ll never turn on a game by myself, or pay attention to one for long, but I can deal if I need to. It’s definitely better just to use the time as a quiet time for you though. Maybe get a massage or plan a girls’ night?

  11. LR

    Such a great post and list of ideas!! We actually started a girls fantasy football league 3 years ago and while I’m still not fully entertained watching football games on TV, it definitely makes the season more fun and bearable.

    • I have hear that fantasy football makes it all more fun…but if I am going to be honest, I don’t really know what it is! haha. Thanks for commenting, so happy to have you here! xo

  12. This is hilarious and I completely agree. Back so soon? LOL seriously! Thanks for the ideas : )

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