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So, do you all read We Like We Love?  It is an online publication that is also available to purchase in print. The creator, Alyssa, is such an inspiration for me.  She is a graphic designer with a pretty sweet aesthetic. I love the branding work she does, because you see her touch in it, while it still encompasses the brand/client so well. Her blog, I Like Nice Things is awesome.  I mean, with a name like that you know you are in for some goodness. Ok, I could gush for a while. Back to the magazine.  It is a fantastic place to discover new art, inspiring style, and other people in the creative field. Issue 10 of WLWL had a photo-shoot by the photographer Yuji Watanabe. He said the shoot was inspired by his Japanese identity with an unnatural presence introduced into the photos.  I love them. Care to take a look…



  1. Are those headpieces made of hair? That rocks if they are.

  2. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I hadn’t discovered Alyssa’s work yet, but I’m in love!

  3. such amazing photos and what fun concepts with the hair!

  4. I actually haven’t read it, but with hats like those I’m def checking it out now!

  5. Ashleen Moreen

    The girl in the picture looks gorgeous and beautiful. I love the hat, I love the design of the hat and I really appreciate the style.

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