wedding planning: envelope lining project

I’ll admit, this project was Michelle’s brainchild.  I found this glorious fabric at High Fashion Home right after getting engaged and fell in love.  I knew I needed it incorporated into the wedding, but I wasn’t sure how.  Fast forward to a visit to Paper Source.  I was still carrying around the tiny sample piece of fabric and Michelle had the idea to use it as the envelope liner for the invitations.  Yeah, it is quite a bit of work for something that might get tossed right into the trash, but the finished project is gorgeous.  We bought the envelope liner stencil kit, a tape runner, A7 envelopes in “paper bag”, new sharp fabric scissors, and a bolt of fabric.  It was fairly simple; trace the stencil onto the back of your fabric, cut out the lining, slide the fabric into the envelope and tape the top triangle area of the liner to the actual envelope.

With the envelope decided on, I asked Rose to design the invites based on the envelope. Backwards?  Well, I did go on my honeymoon before the wedding.  Rose was so patient and helpful, I think the design is fun, not stuffy, and sweet.  They should arrive soon and I am so excited to get them out.  I will update you soon. xo

Design by Bittersweet


  1. Stephanie G

    Your invites are so cute! And the lining is such a great touch, people will notice and see the hard work you put in. I lined my envelopes for our Christmas party but didn’t know there was a stencil for that kind of thing out there. Good to know! Funny note I found that fabric too while looking for curtain fabric and loved it, got a swatch but had no idea what I would use it for.

  2. Chelsea, these invitations are lovely! I can’t wait to open mine! And it won’t go in the trash. It will be displayed prominently on the refrigerator and then I will keep it in a box after that. What a nice touch with the envelope liners, you and Michelle are so talented!

    • Perfect. A box dedicated to your fave couple. Love it.

      • Hah, not exactly. Each year I have a box dedicated to fun. So I put things in there that remind me of fun things that I did that made me happy. It’s usually a shoebox… if I were more crafty I could probably have a better box for it. I hope you’re not disappointed.

  3. in love with this idea! I must remember this when I get married! LOVE!

  4. WOW Chelsea, these are gorgeous. I would flip (and definitely NOT throw it out) if I got a wedding invite in an envelope lined with pretty fabric!

  5. lissy

    Oh my god I love these! I am so excited!

  6. Holy hell, they’re gorgeous!! When I start planning, I’m going to need all your wisdom and wedding voodoo!

  7. This is SO BEYOND PRETTY! I love this idea!! What great textures it lends to the envelopes, too. GORGEOUS.

    x Minty

  8. They look amazing! I love the idea of making them yourself

  9. These are beautiful!! I really love them.

  10. Chelsea – J David gave me the link to your blog (we work together). It’s fantastic, and I’m obsessed with these envelopes. They make me want to get married – seriously. Very creative!!

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