wedding planning: using paper

I love texture, and so does my wedding florist, Traci.  The awesome thing about Traci is that we used to work together and she knows me really well.  We have phone conversations where I am kinda grasping at straws, trying to describe something gorgeous yet interesting, beautiful and a little sparkly, lush yet not too traditional.  I mean really. I am not helpful.  I am better with images.  The other day we were having what I can only imagine is a thrilling conversation for her when she suggested we use paper!  Yes! I am not a rose petals down the aisle kinda gal. Crinkle packing paper or confetti in pinks or metallic or BOTH sound so much more exciting for my flower girl to throw where she may.  I am getting married in front of a mantle, which is going to have gorgeous fresh flowers, but also, paper! Paper in the form of flowers, streamers, confetti… I am so excited.  Here are just a few of the images we have been bouncing back and forth.  What do you think?  Ideas?


{Confetti System garlands and flowers}
{DIY: Tissue paper flowers, Yellow rolled roses)



  1. Ana

    This looks so beautiful. I love it.

  2. Ahh so fun!! I’m in love with tissue paper garlands for any and all events/entertaining, and those paper flowers are stunning!

  3. So cool!! I love the idea of mixing together the fresh and paper flowers. And I’ll never say no to a confetti system garland. I know it’s going to be GORGEOUS!

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