black friday + lovely links

I hope all you Americans’ had a wonderful turkey day!  For all my non-American friends, we all made it to Friday! Yay!  First a peek at our Thanksgiving and don’t miss the links below (black Friday goodies).

thanksgiving 2011

David and I had what we felt was a very adult Thanksgiving.  We woke up and started cooking, we did some cleaning and packing for our pre-wedding honeymoon.  We ate a delicious brisket with chipotle-coffee barbeque sauce, goat cheese biscuits, and grilled asparagus.  I am very proud.  Seriously, proud.

lovely links 11.25.11


  1. annie

    Happy Thanksgiving Chelsea! And congratulations on your first “adult” holiday. You and David look really happy. Love you both!

  2. Love all the photos. It looks like it was a very Happy Thanksgiving for you and your husband! And those pups are adorable!


    The Peak of Tres Chic

  3. You both do look happy and those fur babies look like they need kisses, lots.


    Miss B.

  4. What an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving! John and I had a pair of newlywed friends join us, and it was such a fun way to spend the day!

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