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This weekend David and I got back from our trip and went right back into wedding mode.  We started the registry process, and wow. It really is a process.  I had heard that it is a little overwhelming, but I really just thought, how can shopping not be fun?  We eventually started feeling a little crazed and at one point paraded around in matching bathrobes. Yes friends, it got silly. I think that we managed to pick out our place-settings.  We were going for classic mixed with quirky.  If you have advice or anything you received that you can’t live without that should be on a registry be sure to let me know! Oh, and those gorgeous Amy Merrick flowers?  I picture myself getting married and filling the house with amazing flower arrangements.

Kate Spade Wickford Collection

Anthropologie Rediscovered Flatware

BHLDN Roseate Napkins

Williams-Sonoma Siena Glass Tumblers

{Top Image Amy Merrick}


  1. My thing were towels and pitcher/glass sets. It’s hard not to go a little crazy with the scanning. The one thing in our registry that we can’t imagine our life before it and we’ve used the most, and when I mean most, it’s out of its box and has a loving dent in it, are our set of stock pots. I actually added it later on and thank goodness we did. It’s definitely been a blessing when cooking soups.

  2. So exciting! It is quite a process but it can be fun too. And the best is when the gifts start rolling in :)

  3. The Kate Spade dinnerware is beautiful! I haven’t had to personally register, though since I used to work in a cookware store, have helped some other friends put together their registries. My best piece of advice: if you end up with a bunch of stuff you don’t like, you can always return it, get gift cards and buy what you REALLY want!

  4. mary ab

    love love love the kate spade and the anthro pieces! you are going to have to throw some fantastic dinner parties with those.

    i had a hard time doing my registry and probably could have put more items on it. but i ended up getting everything i wanted and then gift cards which were great because you always discover more things later on.

    one thing i didnt register for but a dear friend bought for me was nice towels. and i love them! so i would recommend that and nice pots/pans. and knives. and a kitchen aid stand up mixer. oh, there are so many things!! but i say register for the things that you have always wanted, and just never purchased for yourself.

  5. I wrote a post inspired by your comment from yesterday about building a wedding registry. There should be some fun ideas for you :)

    • I just read the post…I didn’t know there was an ice cream attachment for the mixer- I am so excited about that! Thanks for all of the great ideas. xo

  6. The pieces you picked are just PERFECT-I’m smitten with the mix of classic and quirk! Nicely done, you two!

  7. Holy mackeral–have you made some progress or what?! I’m impressed…our wedding timeline was pretty spread-out, but I loved the weeks where we got so much done :) love your bridesmaid inspirations and those kate spade dishes = amazing. there’s a similar {but not as fabulous} set at C&B. hope you have a great week! xoxo {av}

    • The planning is so fun…what is going to fill the void once the wedding is over? Oh, Pinterest! Haha. I will have to check out the C&B set. It does feel good to get a lot done. This weekend I am meeting with the DJ, florist and we are cake tasting…jam packed, but I am sure it will be exciting.

  8. Beautiful choices! I really like the idea of using mismatched flatware — especially when it’s so intricate. And that paired with a simple set of dishes would be stunning.

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