weekend love

This weekend was fabulous.  My sister came in from Austin to visit us, and we made big plans, which we then largely ignored.  Take out Friday night, followed by marathon napping midday Saturday (what can I say?  David worked and traveled, Katrina had summer classes and then drove it, and me? Well, I might be narcoleptic).  We eventually rallied and went out for drinks at Under the Volcano.  Following some gorgeous and satisfying beverages, including a Mojito, a couple of Tom Collins-es, a strawberry-basil margarita and Katrina’s first Bloody Marry, we headed over to my favorite Italian joint, Dolce Vita.  On Sunday we ventured out again to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2. We gave it mixed reviews, and nearly died walking from the parking lot to the theater. It. Was. Hot.  I love having Katrina visit.  She is hysterical and sweet and she and David have such a good relationship.  We all have so much fun together- the car dance party was epic! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as I did.  What kind of adventures did you happen upon?

P.S. I promise David was having fun.  He just doesn’t love posing for pictures.  This is the start of immersion therapy leading up to the wedding!


  1. Even if I was having fun, you might end up drowning me in this immersion therapy!

  2. Holly LeMay

    Two beautiful sisters! :)

  3. Thanks Holly! I am so glad you stopped by! xoxo

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