necklace go-to

I was getting dressed Friday afternoon and I threw on my go-to necklace. It is a three strand, faceted glass bead necklace. I wear a lot of color and a lot of pattern, so this necklace can be the perfect finishing touch. It is neutral, but still such a statement. When I found it I had been looking for a Lucite bead necklace for a long time. It is a bit heavier than Lucite, but I love it just the same. If you ever come across a necklace with some kind of bead that is in the clear, neutral category, get it. It is such a staple.

That is THE necklace. Sorry that the picture is so busy, and not that blog ready. If you are crafty you can buy similar beads right on Etsy. Here is a beauty that might be just the thing your wardrobe needs.


  1. I keep wondering how to pull off a big, gorgeous necklace–I’m such a klutz when it comes to accessories!

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