parrot love

I was just flipping through an old Vogue and have fallen back in love with Julianne Moore’s ad campaign for Bulgari.

Since I am obviously not buying those emerald rocks dangling off her beautiful ears anytime soon I used the inspiration from the ad and ended up with a flock of lovely parrot earrings!

parrot earrings

I am loving these from Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

Unabashed Parrots from Anthropologie

Um. These are called Lunch at the Ritz! Fab.

Here are two of my faves from Etsy…
A Pair of Purple Parrots

And by Raaw

Since there is no harm in browsing, these are just wow.


  1. Lissy

    You should next take pictures of you in your mom’s peacock/parrot earrings from the 80s!

  2. What great picks! I think my favorite has to be Lunch at The Ritz – how can you argue with that? XX, Jane

  3. Love your blog here. I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.

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